How to Build Your Pet Business Fast

pottery takes time

Anything you create that’s worth creating takes time.

Which is more accurate when it comes to building, starting, and running a successful pet sitting business?

Slow and steady wins the race. Or…

The Fast and furious.

I received an email recently from someone who wants to start their own pet business, and asked “How can I build a pet business fast?

Certainly, I can assist with many of the moving parts needed to get your business up and running.

What I’m not certain about is the “fast” part.

In fact, on this very website, you can make your way through my Start A Pet Sitting Business course that is designed to take about 45 days to complete.

Sure, you can always do things quicker, as your time, energy, and schedule permits, but we’ll touch more on that in a second.

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Is Your Pet Sitting Business Ever Successful “Enough”? How The Pet Sitters Conference Is Beneficial To Both New Pet Sitters And Established Companies

a cup overflowing

Can you ever have too much success in your life? Is there ever a tipping point?

How do you define success?  Can you ever be successful enough?

Most of us have (or should have) goals for our business.  When we reach those goals, we consider ourselves successful and then make new goals, reach them…make new ones…it’s a never ending cycle as you and your business change, develop and grow throughout the years.

What are your business goals?  Have you reached ALL of them?  Are you comfortable with where your business is at and want to stay status quo?  Is that a good idea?  Is it even possible?

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal. —Earl Nightingale (read more of Earl Nightingale quotes here.)

Along with defining your goals, you also need to define what “successful business” means to you and your company.  Maybe it is tied to how much money you make, maybe it is defined by positive client feedback, or how many new clients you get per month, or if you can go away on vacation and not worry about the business….everyone has a different definition of SUCCESS.

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How to Make Certain What’s Obvious to you is also Obvious to your Website Visitors.

silica gel packet says do not eatMy wife brought home from the supermarket one of those raw crunchy kale snacks (I’m starting to love kale).

And surprisingly, inside I saw one of those silica gel packs apparently there to keep it fresh.

You may have typically seen these gel packs in things like beef jerkey, vitamin bottles, and boxes of new shoes.

And no matter where you find them including this kale treat, it has the words printed on the gel pack: Do Not Eat.

Each time I see those words I chuckle as I think who in the world would eat this? Isn’t it obvious…?

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2014 PetSittingOlogy Scholarship Recipient Announced [video]

video screenshot

You know that one person in your life who just lifts you up no matter what’s going on in that moment?

It’s that one person who, when she walks in the room, everyone is excited to see her and chat with her?

That’s exactly the type of person we were hoping to find when choosing our 2014 PetSittingOlogy Scholarship Award recipient.

Human beings are infectious. Whether the energy we receive from others is positive or negative, happy or frustrated, giving or selfishly taking, we immediately pick up on that energy and it can instantly change our entire mood (for the better or for the worse).

Then, there are the people who sit in a different category. The ‘business partnership’ category.

Some of the best friendships and business relationships I have today overlap between business and friendship.

It’s that overlap I’m proud to say we have found in our scholarship award winner.

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Is Your Pet Sitting Contact Form Doing All It Can For You? [Video]

powerful thinker

If you can think it or dream it, it can be done.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Learn how to have your website contact form submissions sent to separate email accounts (to you and your team) based on what the potential client submits.

I’m sure you can relate: Since Day 1 of starting my pet sitting business, my website played an integral part to our overall success.

And more specifically, the fact that we had an embedded contact form in the sidebar across all pages also played a substantial role to our growth.

That become one of several ‘must haves’ I began preaching to pet sitters if they wanted to make small improvements to their current websites.

Naturally, when I began offering pet professionals a fully ‘done for you’ WordPress-powered SEO Template, a powerful embedded contact form was placed in the sidebar across all the pages.

RESOURCE: Read more about what’s included with your own WordPress website for pet sitters.

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Become a Teacher and Watch Your Pet Sitting Business Drastically Improve [TeleSeminar Replay]

Become a PetTech Instructor
As pet care professionals and business owners, every action we take either has a positive impact or a negative one.

Wouldn’t you love to have more of your actions have a positive result on your business that you can see?

In this eye opening, insightful, and light bulb filled dialogue, Thom Somes proclaims that becoming a PetTech Instructor can change your business and your life.

On the surface, you might think he is being a bit dramatic by suggesting this could change your life.

And if I did not participate on this call I would have agreed with you.

Get Ready — You Are About To Be Completely Surprised, Impressed, and Inspired

But here’s what I want you to do…

Take some time and listen to this chat I had with Thom Somes on what the bigger picture of teaching others in your community will do for your business and life.

Going into this call, I had a vague idea of some of the reasons you’ll want to become an instructor.

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Why Did You Really Become A Professional Pet Sitter? (And the PSO Conference Scholarship is Open)

Adorable petsThis post is insanely important for two specific reasons.

1 – It’s the first official announcement that our 2014 Scholarship Program is open for applicants (that’s you).

This simply means we will be awarding one qualified pet care professional a fully paid trip to attend our upcoming pet sitting live event in Las Vegas this October 19 – 22, 2014, including fully paid round trip air fare, 3-night hotel stay at the Tropicana, and a registration ticket to the 3 day event.

2 – The deeper purpose of this blog post is to get you thinking deeper about everything you do day in and day out as a professional pet sitter.

And why is that so important? Keep reading and you’ll quickly learn what I mean.

RESOURCE: Apply now for the 2014 PetSittingOlogy Live Event Scholarship »

Let’s start with that self evaluation, if you will.

I titled this post “Why did you really become a professional pet sitter” with emphasis on the word “really.” If we were talking, and I asked you simply “Why did you become a professional pet sitter” you could easily list a handful of reasons, covering everything from “I was tired of my old career” and “I wanted to work for myself” to “I absolutely love animals and this is the perfect way to spend time with them.”

And each of those replies would be more than relevant, sufficient and accurate.

However, see what happens when we insert the word ‘really’ into the middle of the question:

“Why did you REALLY become a professional pet sitter?”

It forces you into a state of true and personal reflection.

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How The Pet Tech PetSaver Class Will Up Your Game

become a better pet sitter

I’m not one for bold statements just for the sake of it. Yet you’ve heard us talk about how the PetSittingOlogy Live Event in Vegas is *the* pet professional conference to attend.

And that it will bring your business to the next level. And that you will meet people that will inspire, educate, and motivate you. And that you will make lasting friendships that will last through out the year.

And we literally guarantee all of those things to happen for you. How can we guarantee that?

Because we are in the exact same boat. We strive to bring the conference to the next level, to meet and talk to inspiring experts that are already at the next level so we can bring that to you at the conference.

We want to be the best pet sitting and pet business related conference in the country. We’re well on our way to accomplishing that:

We are honored to be able to announce that Thom Somes, FOUNDER AND OWNER OF PET TECH WILL BE AT THE CONFERENCE.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

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Are You Fully Trained in Pet First Aid and CPR? Would You Like To Be?


Are you trained in pet first aid and CPR?

Have you ever come upon a client’s pet that needed immediate attention?

Or what if you could sleep well at night simply knowing that you have the skills at the ready to handle any emergency situation.

As a professional pet care professional, you have no doubt come across the concept and idea of first aid training.

Perhaps you have also come across the name Pet Tech and Thom Somes aka The Pet Safety Guy.

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3 Topics To Absolutely Help You Manage and Grow Your Business Better [Audio]

inside the mindDo you ever feel like your head is about to explode with all the thoughts, ideas, and conversations going on at once?

Yea, me too!

I happen to use the tool Evernote to document anything and everything I want to remember. This includes blog post topics, ideas, projects, notes, website resources, people I want to reach out to, to-do lists, etc.

What I found happening recently is that I have so many things just sitting in Evernote piling up (and essentially getting lost in the mix).

I figured I would fire up the mic and begin getting some of these topics out for you. Enjoy these 24 minutes during your day.

Full transcript follows, but the topics I discuss are:

-The 3 most useful tools you can use to gather email addresses from your website visitors.
-How beneficial is it to purchase additional domain names for your business?
-What makes Gmail so powerful as an integral part of your day-to-day sanity and success?

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