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pet-sitter-ICThe Big,
The Essential, and
The Totally Complete
Pet Sitter Independent Contractor Tool Box

At the point where you can use a little help in your pet sitting business?

Are you a self-proclaimed ‘control freak’ and wondering how to make it all work?

Relax and take a deep breathe…

The Pet Sitter Independent Contractor Tool Box is exactly what you need! You’ll get your hands on the EXACT forms, documents, checklists and tools that I use to run my pet sitting business.

Hi Joshua,

I love the Pet Sitter IC Tool Box. It really made my life so much easier having access to all of the documents that I needed. I also need the peace of mind of knowing that I am doing everything correctly. Excellent job putting all of this together.

Warm Regards,
Kelley Gardner, Owner, Furry Child Care


What’s Included in the IC Tool Box?

This comprehensive kit was created by the founders of Alitia’s Animals – a successful New York City pet sitting business with more than 30 independent contractors on board!

Written for the working pet sitter, it comes jam-packed with literally everything you’ll ever need to find, interview and hire your first IC.

We’ve taken our templates, our contracts and our years of experience and offer them to you.

Done correctly, hiring your first IC will allow you to:

  • Gain more clients
  • Have more free time
  • Grow your business
  • Make more money

Simply put, you can easily expand your services, expand your service area and increase your profits!

Hi Joshua,

I just wanted to give kudos for your IC package. Bringing on an IC has been something I have wrestled with for so long. Your IC package is completely detailed and I find it amazing.

Tim HeiseAbsolute Pet Care LLC, Scottsdale, AZ


Hey Joshua,
I recently ordered the IC Tool Box and could not be happier! I ordered a cheaper one online previously and was emailed a bunch of generic Word documents that just didn’t apply to me.  The IC Toolbox not only sends you great documents, but has GREAT explanations to get through the legal jargon and how to use them. WELL worth the price!Neil Simon, Romp Pet Care, Philadelphia, PA

Read on — You can still own the entire tool box for well below the ‘should be’ price 🙂

The Pet Sitter Independent Contractor Tool Box comes complete with:

-Pet Sitter Independent Contractor Agreement
A complete 4-page pet sitting agreement between you and your IC. Never worry again about ICs stealing your clients. This is the same agreement I give each of my ICs when they come on board and communicates everything up front so there is no misunderstanding. [PDF and Word]

-Pet Sitter IC Agreement Explained!
Enjoy a highlighted step-by-step explanation of the main points of the pet sitting agreement. You’ll thoroughly be prepared when you need to present the agreement and you’ll understand exactly what is expected from your IC.

-Non-Disclosure Agreement
Make certain the information you share with your IC is not shared with your competitors. A strong foundation for a successful relationship with your IC is trust. Start off on the right foot by getting everything in writing so you both can focus on growing your business. This 4-page contract will have you sleeping soundly at night, without second-guessing everything you share.

-My Independent Contractor Time Sheet Template
Give this template to your IC and you’ll both consistently be on the same page. A simple, yet effective Word document that your IC will submit to you at the end of every pay period detailing each job she completed. This is what I require each of my ICs to send in via email and keeps the business running smoothly.

-IRS Form W9
This official government document may look intimidating at first, but it’s really quick and simple to fill out. Your IC uses it to provide you with their legal name, address and social security (for end of the year tax purposes). Keep it on file in a safe place, and you’re done.

– Independent Contractor Interview Checklist
Interviewing potential pet sitters need not be scary. Truly find the best of the best with this detailed checklist. Whether on the phone or in person, you’ll fill out this Word document to cover all aspects during the interview process. You’ll impress your potential candidates with your complete and thorough process, and you’ll leave no stone unturned.

-Background Check Authorization Form
Rest easy knowing your potential IC has a clean history. A typical background check (which must be authorized to be perform by the IC) searches through sex offender registries, motor vehicle records, along with Federal, State and Local criminal checks.

New! -Actual Recorded Interview Call with a Potential IC Candidate
Listen in on this 20-minute phone call between Joshua and Amy (a potential new IC pet sitter). You’ll notice how Joshua follows his own advice and covers all the bases. Plus, Amy manages to give an incredible first interview. Most everything she says is on the money. Truly a model interview you’ll want to compare against.

-The Pet Sitter Independent Contractor Manual

In this information-rich manual, you’ll be primed and ready to hire.

  • Discover the legal differences between an IC and an employee
  • The benefits of hiring an IC (even for control freaks!)
  • Do you really need an IC?
  • 6 reasons you’ll thank your lucky stars you have an IC
  • Where to find the best ICs to hire
  • How to interview your ICs and the best questions to ask (and not to ask)
  • What qualities make the best IC for your team
  • 3 topics to get your IC talking
  • The skills you’ll need to master to keep your IC working hard for you
  • How to keep your IC loyal
  • When to fire (or let go of) your IC – 13 things to watch out for
  • How to keep your IC from stealing your clients behind your back
  • The 2 legal forms the IRS requires you to use
  • Paying your IC: What, when and how

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Joshua has been an amazing help. I hired my first independent contractor and I had many questions. It was reasonably priced, the forms were straight forward, and he answered questions via email in a professional and supportive manner. I enjoy his blogs and communication and carve out time in my week to read them. He’s a great coach!“—Aubry Jaden, Aubry’s Pet Care


I was a member of APSE and came across the “Pet Sitter IC Tool Box” and I purchased it. I’ve been very pleased! The thing I love the most is that it’s up-to-date-and informative on the tools you need. I especially love the “phone interview audio”, LOVED it! You can’t go wrong purchasing this, it a must have, easy to read and you will be happy with it.”
—Teresa Muncie, Owner, 4 Paws Walker, LLC



pet sitting IC ads

What if you could get your hands on more than two dozen job listing ads that are guaranteed to bring potential ICs your way?

How much time, effort and money would that save you?

Wonder no more!

Introducing 28 Really Effective IC Job Listings

“Actual Ads Used from Pet Sitters Around The Country to Find and Hire The Best ICs Possible”

Get this: I asked 28 pet sitters and pet sitting business owners from around the country to submit their actual IC job listings they currently use! No reason for you to reinvent the wheel, right?

See the actual ads being used right now to find the best pet sitter IC candidates to interview. These job listings are effective and work – guaranteed!

You’ll notice common themes and similar styles. Follow their lead to attract your perfect IC today.

This bonus is included free with the Pet Sitter Independent Contractor Tool Box!


Due to quickly growing customer base, our husband-wife pet sitting business is in the process of expanding by hiring two or more independent contractors (ICs). The Pet Sitter IC Toolbox provided a comprehensive one-stop shop for all the information we needed for hiring ICs.

Toolbox includes the forms needed in the hiring process and provides valuable advice on, for example, interviewing and selecting your ICs. We highly recommend the Pet Sitter IC Toolbox to anyone who is planning to kick their pet sitting business into a new higher gear.

Antti & Grace
Washington DC metro area

The IC Toolbox contains step by step, easy to understand instructions on how to hire an IC complete with forms and check lists. There are tips on how to attract quality people with effective job listings as well as how to interview. All you need to know about getting an IC is there. I suggest the toolbox to any sitter who is considering expanding with ICs!

Damiane de Wit-Guzman, Exceptional Pet Sitting


Lifetime Updates

Once you purchase the Pet Sitter Independent Contractor Tool Box, you will receive lifetime updates. Anytime a document is changed, edited or added to the Tool Box, you will have complete, unlimited access to the files.

Also, every form, document and template in the Tool Box can be downloaded in either Word and PDF format. You are entitled to edit every document by adding your own logo and business name to make it your own.

Love it or Your Money Back!

I want to help you get the ball rolling fast! Sign up right now and I personally guarantee that you will have more free time, less stress while making more money the day you hire your first IC.

The Pet Sitter Independent Contractor Tool Box is a one-time investment of only $145 (you really can’t beat that!)

Still only $145!

Order Here!

order ic toolbox now

Checkout with Paypal (or credit card) and access it immediately!