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How The Pet Tech PetSaver Class Will Up Your Game

become a better pet sitter

I’m not one for bold statements just for the sake of it. Yet you’ve heard us talk about how the PetSittingOlogy Live Event in Vegas is *the* pet professional conference to attend.

And that it will bring your business to the next level. And that you will meet people that will inspire, educate, and motivate you. And that you will make lasting friendships that will last through out the year.

And we literally guarantee all of those things to happen for you. How can we guarantee that?

Because we are in the exact same boat. We strive to bring the conference to the next level, to meet and talk to inspiring experts that are already at the next level so we can bring that to you at the conference.

We want to be the best pet sitting and pet business related conference in the country. We’re well on our way to accomplishing that:

We are honored to be able to announce that Thom Somes, FOUNDER AND OWNER OF PET TECH WILL BE AT THE CONFERENCE.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

The FOUNDER of one of the most recognizable and respected companies in the pet industry will be at PetSittingOlogy Live 2014. Not only will he be there, he will be TEACHING (along with certified instructor Linda Kay Taylor, and others) the 8 hour Pet Tech course that will be offered on Sunday October 18.

That’s like taking an ice skating class from Charlie and Merril, a physics class from Albert Einstein, a stained glass class from Dale Chilhuly. (or other examples of well-known leaders in their field.) A dancing class from Derek Hough.

Press Play and Listen in to Thom Somes Audio Seminar

This audio broadcast should answer your questions and get you inspired to join us!

Click to Download MP3 Directly
Running Time: 56 minutes
File Size: 53 MB

What is Pet Tech, Anyway?

Pet Tech specializes in information about pet health and safety. They offer a comprehensive first aid and CPR class for dogs and cats so pet owners and pet professionals can be prepared in case of an emergency. Every day, Pet Sitters are at the front lines of caring for cherished furry family members.

We are responsible for not only for their walks, exercise, companionship, food/water and basic needs, but also their health and well being. We often run into situations such as an injured paw, bleeding tongue from chewing on a bone, bee sting, heat exhaustion – these are just an example of the different scenarios that the PetSaver™ Program covers so you can keep the pets entrusted to your care as safe, happy and healthy as possible.

How Do You Think Pet Owners Will Feel?!

How do you think a potential client will feel when you tell them that you are certified in pet first aid and CPR? Pretty impressed I’d say! Where do I sign up for your services?!


While we can write a “bio style” paragraph here on who Thom is as a person, his history, and his place in the pet care industry, it will do us all a much better service to simply have you push play on the audio broadcast and listen in!

(Plus, we will have plenty more with Thom as we move forward.)

Are You ‘Just’ A Pet Sitter?

Do you want to be part of the movement of bringing the pet sitting industry to the luxury level? Of getting away from the “you’re ‘just’ a pet sitter” mentality?

With Thom Somes and Pet Tech, along with the other great speakers like Marcus Sheridan and sponsors like Power Pet Sitter, we’re already moving!

Come join us in October and lead the pack!

Some Links For You to Get Going!

The Official PetSittingOlogy Event in Vegas –

The Pet Tech Official Website (PetSave Class Details) –

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