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John David Mann (co-author of The Go-Giver) on Living The Best Life Possible

For this edition of the PetSittingOlogy Digital Series, Josh Cary interviews writer and entrepreneur John David Mann as they discuss the newest edition to his Go-Giver series, The Go-Giver Influencer, co authored with Bob Burg. The Go-Giver Influencer shares valuable conflict resolution tools that depend on seeing the world from another person’s point of view and can help any entrepreneur in the world of business.

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Mike Grenier of Time To Pet

Mike Grenier (Time To Pet) on How to Compete with Rover

Mike Grenier is the co-founder of the popular pet sitting software, Time to Pet. That role allows him to speak with thousands of pet professionals who inevitably ask the question “How can I possibly compete with Rover, Wag, and the other “Uber of Dog Walking” companies that keep showing up here?

Join Josh Cary as he speaks with Mike about how local pet professionals can compete by coming up with real solutions to stand out from the crowd.

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Dr. Marty Becker on Becoming The Go-To Pet Professional in Your Area (video)

PetSittingOlogy founder Josh Cary interviews the #PSO2018 conference keynote speaker; beloved veterinarian and renowned television pet authority, Dr. Marty Becker.

In this session, Josh and Dr. Becker go through the benefits and opportunities offered through Dr. Becker’s Fear Free program and how it can pet sitters in their business as well as pet welfare in general.

Whether you are looking to take your professional pet business to the next level… Or you desperately want to stop competing on price… This episode will hand you specific ways you can begin to differentiate yourself TODAY from all others so you can find yourself in more demand.

Grab a notebook and prepare to take notes. The ideas flow quickly!

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Mike Michalowicz, Author of Profit First (video interview)

PetSittingology’s own, Josh Cary, is proud to host author, entrepreneur and positive thinker, Mike Michalowicz to the show. You’ll quickly see why Mike is always quick to champion entrepreneurs.

Focusing on life lessons that make the power of positive thinking in entrepreneurship so important for any successful business, Mike discusses the lessons in his best selling book; Profit First.

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SEO Pro Tip: Link Your Blog Posts Together (video)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about all the ways you can improve your website to increase the chances you will rank high in Google when an idea potential client is searching for the services you offer.

There are many moving parts when it comes to Google rankings and there are many different things you can do. Unfortunately, there is never just one or two things to do on your website and your work is done.

SEO is an ongoing strategy that takes small consistent effort. But once you get the hang of it, you will start to see more and more results!

Here is one simply thing you can do today to begin adding to your SEO efforts. Begin linking your blog post articles together.

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Amy Sallie photo

Ready for Your SEO Game Plan that Gets Results? Let’s Work TOGETHER! (video replay)

I’d like to introduce you to Amy Sallie (video replay below).  Amy is a self-described coffee obsessed wife and mom who helps small business owners improve their Google rankings, website conversions (turning visitors into clients) and SEO needs.

The minute I was introduced to Amy and had my first conversation with her, it sounded like I was literally listening to the female version of myself!

With all things SEO, Amy has an identical knowledge, insight, and game plan to help you succeed.

Amy is now officially working directly alongside me to offer you a specific SEO game plan that will suit your needs and goals.

We currently have a few ways we can work with you including a one-on-one guided program and an 8-week group program.

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Jamie Migdal of FetchFind photo

The Pursuit of Happy Pets: How Jamie Migdal of FetchFind Keeps Sane in a Stressful Environment

A conversation between Josh Cary and Jamie Migdal

You know those people who you chat with and you feel that conversation just flows? And you both literally speak the same language?

Well, that’s how I feel about our guest today. I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Jamie Migdal for quite some time and got to cross paths in person finally in 2016 when we were both speaking at the NAPPS conference.

I’ve compared many notes with Jamie and we excitedly share a similar work ethic and vision for our businesses and the industry at large.

Jamie has bought, sold and acquired more pet businesses than I can count and has successfully fundraised through rounds of funding attracting investors. Something you don’t too often hear about in our industry.

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How to Become Instantly More Professional Through A Business Email Address

(Video Length: 8 minutes 53 seconds) Hey there, we are live, thanks for tuning in, you got Josh Cary here founder of PetSittingOlogy with another Q&A video for you.

One of our members asked: “How do you create a business email address for your pet business?”

That’s such a good question because you can instantly become that much more professional by using a business email address.

What is a business email address? Let’s say, for example, your website is You can create an email address like or services@, contact@ josh@ … Anything you wish @<your domain name .com>.

Creating an email address is so simple to do. If you are currently already using our PetSittingOlogy Get Found First SEO Platform for your website this is all included. There’s absolutely no additional charge and you can have unlimited business email addresses.

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How To Achieve a Professional Website Look and Feel Using Free Icons

You may have noticed some neat crisp looking icons on our redesigned home page. A member asked how we did that and where we got them from. Watch the video to find out exactly where and how you can get any variety of icons to use for free on your own pet website.

Overview of Video (Length: 5 minutes 41 seconds)

Hey there and welcome, thanks for tuning in, you got Josh Cary here founder of PetSittingOlogy with another Q&A video. Today the topic is all about icons and how to get a really crisp professional look on your website with free icons.

As you know, our one mission and goal around here is to help you get found first and one of the best and most direct ways to do that is to provide a professional, robust, valuable, good-looking and informative website. It’s all the things that you place on the page that matter including the icons, the images, the graphics, the way you lay out your content and your paragraphs.

Today I want to talk to you about the icons we used on our home page. One of our members asked where we got them and how he can they get them too. So, I’m going to show you exactly where we get our icons from and you can get them for free.

The icons are from the site Flat Icon ( and this has become one of my absolute favorite websites.

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How to Get Your Happy Pet Business Clients to Leave A Google Review [Video]

NOTE: We’ve found a great new free tool that will help get you more Google reviews! Keep reading and watch the short video below.

When it comes to your pet sitting business website, we all have the same goal:

To rank high on Page 1 of Google for your chosen keywords when a potential client is searching for the service you provide.

But how exactly can you assure that happens more frequently?

It all comes down to the Google Algorithm. That’s a fancy term for Google’s 200-point checklist they use to determine where your website will rank for each search term.

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