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Our Work Gets Results.

We are grateful for the relationships we’ve built over the years and for the results we are able to provide our clients.

The Best Option!

I am so glad that I switched to PetSittingOlogy for my website! Not only is it much easier to navigate, add pages, change themes, etc….Josh and his team have the best customer service! Every question I ask gets answered quickly and accurately. The monthly fee is also all inclusive, no nickel and diming like others. I highly recommend anyone, even non-pet sitters use Josh and his team.

Best Decision I Ever Made

Can’t say enough positive and wonderful things about Joshua and PetSittingOlogy. I learned about them 2.5 year into my business as a professional dog walking and pet sitting business. Ordered the IC toolbox and he became my go to guy really. I then joined PetSittingOlogy built a site for my business with Josh and he has always been there to help me whenever I have a question or issue with my site or the business. Thank You Josh and PetSittingOlogy!  Truly want’s to help other succeed in the pet care industry.

Best experience EVER!

Thank you so much, Joshua, for your expert guidance and help in getting our new website built and up and running! This was a FAR better experience than the first time we built a website. We greatly appreciated your quick response to all our questions and your limitless patience as we stumbled along! The website was only just up and running for a few hours and we were getting rave reviews for it! Thank you so very very much!!!

Woo Hoo and Thank You!

Dear Josh and Team at PetSittingOlogy.

If I was there in NJ I would give all of you a big HUG right now. You are all amazing and I am a really happy customer.

I found PetSittingOlogy by chance, can’t really remember how I found your website, but am glad I did. Anyway, I looked in to your website services and was intrigued. I have been wanting to get away from using an HTML website and relying on a web-designer. I was thrilled to find you offer WordPress based, supported web design and hosting.

From the very start you’ve all been great. I must have called Josh 3 or 4 times with questions and he (patiently) walked me through everything. I was terrified to make this leap in to WordPress, and you all have made it a happy experience.

You have done a wonderful job with all the instructions and tutorials. It is so nice to be able to make changes to my site…and do it all myself! It is so nice to have excellent instructions. Those tutorials are making learning to navigate WordPress a little easier.

You and your team have an excellent Help system in place, and have gone above and beyond with customer service. Even when I “broke” my site. (Still can’t figure out how that happened.) I appreciate all the prompt responses to questions, and solutions…which in most cases include instructions for me to fix the problem myself. I love that!

I love my website. It is still a work in progress, of course, but you gave me exactly what I was looking for…A nice looking site, help putting it all together, control, and great SEO. I can make changes when I want to, and fix spelling errors if I find them (which are a pet peeve of mine), collect reviews and blog post. Woo Hoo!

I am sure you will be hearing from me again soon. I’ve always got questions.

Thanks so much for all that you and your Team do. You provide an invaluable service to the pet sitting industry, and you should be very proud of the work you do.

Best regards and big woofs!

Joshua Rocks!

Thanks a million. I just love the way you work. You are amazingly efficient, prompt, and on top of it so friendly and willing. It makes me cry with relief that somebody actually knows what he is doing.

I am so frustrated with dealing with companies in South Africa, where we hardly ever get issues resolved. You won’t believe this, I actually had to employ a lawyer to get invoices out of an agent for a domestic that finished off here at the end of April, in the interest of getting the account settled. I have been having problems for years getting an Invoice that is actually correct for a change. I just wonder how they stay afloat, when customers have to fight them to PAY THEM. Too shocking for words.

Keep up the amazing work. You Rock!! It really keeps me going and motivates me big time!!!

Great Service!

I just started using Josh’s program a few months ago and already he has proven to be extremely helpful! I have had multiple questions concerning my website and he always answers very promptly and gives me whatever information I need. I have never experienced such excellent customer service before. Thanks for all your help Josh!

So thankful for Josh!

Where do I begin to explain how grateful I am to Joshua Cary for all the information he has provided us and the Pet Sitting industry? Josh has helped our company, Just a “Pet” Away, LLC, build our new website, and whether it is a website question, pet sitting question, or questions in general, he always seems to be available to answer them, solve problems, or brainstorm together. Josh always responds with professionalism, encouragement, patience and a smile on his face! Thank you so very much, Josh, for all you have done for us and for the pet sitting industry as a whole!

With great appreciation, Lisa and Ray Chaney

So Excited and Just Wanted to Share!

Josh, I just started to check out the template and I am beyond happy in my decision to go with your service. I know WordPress, I know a little bit about putting together websites, I have taken a few classes and done a few websites but what you have done is unbelievable.

The time you have invested and the hard work putting this all in place to totally make this easy for anyone to do is seriously beyond what I expected. I might be “gushing” prematurely since I have only changed 2 fonts and colors! But I don\’t think so!

I am happy I struggled to do my own website over the last couple years so I can really appreciate this.


I am really excited about this and I just wanted to share!

I LOVE my PetSittingOlogy Website!

You are the BEST, and I LOVE my PetSittingOlogy website!!

A bit slower for January this year in gross revenue, but I’ve had 8 new biz M&G appointments so far this month and now have 8 brand new clients to add to my mix. Bow Wow Meow!

My gross revenue surpassed $30k for 2014, and I think that’s pretty darn MEOW-velous since I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary and did not launch my website until Feb. of 2013!

Everyone says how much they LOVE my website over those of my competition. And one commented that she was so impressed that my website showed that it had.been updated recently, so she viewed me as being more professionally active in my business than the other pet sitting companies!! I did go in to tweak a few sentences to reflect change of seasons, but I LOVE adding new client reviews & testimonials to add content to my site on a consistent basis!!

Thanks so much for all you do to help me grow my business and stay on track!


Awesome! Outstanding support! Friendly family atmosphere! Servers are fast! Plus high standard business support!

If you ever dreamed of a professional high tech website look no further petsittingology is the place to be! The support is high standard, very knowledgeable and helpful with ALL your needs! (Tech and Business)

I can build my community and business with piece of mind knowing I have the technical support behind me!

Peace of Mind!

I have known Josh through PetSittingOlogy for some time now and love what he has to share with us the pet sitter. When he decided to do this I just thought about it, since I was deep in another person doing my website along with a few thousand dollars invested – I didn’t want to waste the money.

Well I got tired of reaching out and getting nowhere and when I did it was not the way I wanted it.

Enter Josh, and his wonderful site, he merged my graphics into his site a WOW what a difference!
I’m up near 60 years old, so for me doing things on a website is not easy like it is for some of the younger generation but Josh took that complication away.

He has put much thought into what the layout is along with making it easy for us to go in and change this and that by having tutorials, videos, face book group and even phone calls. If all of that fails then all you do is fill out a help ticket and they will help. So when you think all is lost – it’s not . I have thought that many times and have been wrong. I wish I would have jumped in a llong time ago. LESSON LEARNED.  What Josh has to offer is priceless — PEACE OF MIND!

Josh = Best Website Designer!

Without a doubt, Josh (PetSittingOlogy) is the most helpful designer I have ever dealt with. He always gets back with my questions quickly, helps me in any way he can, & price wise, he is the best!! Can’t say enough good things about him.

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