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SEO Pro Tip: Link Your Blog Posts Together (video)

SEO Pro Tip: Link Your Blog Posts Together (video)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about all the ways you can improve your website to increase the chances you will rank high in Google when an idea potential client is searching for the services you offer.

There are many moving parts when it comes to Google rankings and there are many different things you can do. Unfortunately, there is never just one or two things to do on your website and your work is done.

SEO is an ongoing strategy that takes small consistent effort. But once you get the hang of it, you will start to see more and more results!

Here is one simply thing you can do today to begin adding to your SEO efforts. Begin linking your blog post articles together.

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The Absolute Importance Of Having Dreams Outside Of Our Professional Industry

The Absolute Importance of Having Dreams Outside of Our Professional Industry

Our amazing Sarah Burns (owner of Menly’s Pet Care in Michigan) shares a wonderful story about the power of dreams.

Do you still dream?  What are your dreams?

And I’m not talking about the dreams in your sleep where you find yourself inching towards the top of the hill on the scariest roller coaster and you quickly realize that the lap belt to keep you secure is not locked into place.

I’m talking about your life dreams.

I had a small, personal revelation recently that I had stopped dreaming and didn’t even realize it!

Starting a pet sitting business is a dream in itself, right? We get to be our own boss, we get to run our own company, we get to be with animals everyday; it truly is our dream come true and that’s why we do it!

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How To Gain Control Of Taxes In Your Pet Business Without Letting Them Get Out Of Hand

How to Gain Control of Taxes in Your Pet Business Without Letting Them Get Out of Hand

I’m pretty certain even hearing the word ‘taxes’ sends a knot through your stomach.  No matter your relationship with personal and business taxes, it seems like it’s a never ending thing that continues to pop up.

Once we learn to adjust our thinking around it and set a legitimate plan in place, you can absolutely develop a new feeling around the topic.

Our very own Sarah Burns (owner of Menly’s Pet Care in Michigan) truthfully shares her own experience with business taxes.

Taxes. Everyone’s favorite topic, am I right?!

When I started my business I was so excited about creating a brand and the pet sitting itself that I didn’t give much thought to the financial side. Not to mention the fact that I was 19 when I started my business!

I may have been mature enough to start my business but there was still a lot I needed to learn. So I learned the basics (very basics) but didn’t think much about taxes at all.

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How To Post A Blog Article On Your Pet Business Website

How to Post a Blog Article on Your Pet Business Website

As a digital company that provides the professional pet care industry with SEO-focused websites that are designed to get found first in Google, you hear us often talk about the big need to offer your ideal client value through informative content.

This content is best suited as blog post articles on your pet business website. So how do you actually create, format, and publish these blog articles?

In this video, Josh Cary shows you step-by-step exactly how he publishes each and every blog post on the PetSittingOlogy website.

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Ready For Your SEO Game Plan That Gets Results? Let’s Work TOGETHER! (video Replay)

Ready for Your SEO Game Plan that Gets Results? Let’s Work TOGETHER! (video replay)

I’d like to introduce you to Amy Sallie (video replay below).  Amy is a self-described coffee obsessed wife and mom who helps small business owners improve their Google rankings, website conversions (turning visitors into clients) and SEO needs.

The minute I was introduced to Amy and had my first conversation with her, it sounded like I was literally listening to the female version of myself!

With all things SEO, Amy has an identical knowledge, insight, and game plan to help you succeed.

Amy is now officially working directly alongside me to offer you a specific SEO game plan that will suit your needs and goals.

We currently have a few ways we can work with you including a one-on-one guided program and an 8-week group program.

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Social Media Simplified For The Busy Pet Professional (Video Replay)

Social Media Simplified for the Busy Pet Professional (Video Replay)

Ugh, who else is struggling with their Facebook business page or social media stuff!?

I hear that question all the time and am thrilled to help put that to an end in the form of 57-minutes of goodness!

Each and every Tuesday, I come to you live for a new training session on a valuable topic.  These sessions, called Tuesdays with Cary, are typically reserved for members of the Movement.

Side Note: Wondering what #PSOproud is all about? It’s the professional pet care industry’s movement with one singular goal in mind: To improve the reputation of our beloved industry.  Discover more on

I have personally followed our guest today for the better part of a year and credit all my own learnings about social media to her.

Meet Kaylyn Parker.  Social media strategist and manager.  And one heck of a knowledgeable individual!

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Here’s Why It’s A Blessing To Be A Professional Pet Sitter Today

Here’s Why It’s A Blessing to Be A Professional Pet Sitter Today

Sarah Burns opens up and shares one powerful story about how it’s an absolute blessing to be a professional pet sitter today.  You’ll never look at your relationships with the pets in your care the same way.

Here is the story in Sarah’s words:

Anyone who knows me well knows that there is a large part of my heart dedicated to my Chocolate Lab, Casey. While we all bond with the dogs we share our lives with, sometimes we get the great honor to experience a relationship with an animal that goes much deeper.

I truly believe, and always will believe, that Casey was my guardian angel. For 15 years she was my faithful companion. Always only having loyalty to me.

She would swim out to me if I was in the lake and circle me until I grabbed her collar so she could pull me back to safety. She never allowed anyone to give me a hug and would try and get in between us. She would sit with me as I cried in some of the darkest days of my life and she always seemed to understand things more than the average dog.

She passed away in February of 2016 and I don’t know that my heart will every completely heal from such a loss.

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What Is The Real Worth Of A Professional Pet Sitter?

What is the Real Worth of a Professional Pet Sitter?

Sarah Burns shares another story with us “from the trenches.”  She’s been a professional pet sitter since 2010, and recently brought on her husband (gasp!) to join her in this pursuit.

Let’s hear from Sarah how that’s been going…

My husband Dan started working for me, er, I mean, with me 8 weeks ago.

Watching him experience every aspect of this job first-hand has been the most enjoyable part. Over the past 8 years Dan was only hearing my stories from the trenches, including everything from the long days to the difficult clients.

He is now fully starting to realize what pet sitting really is (and what pet sitting really isn’t) and what being a professional pet business owner truly encompasses.

One major benefit from working alongside my husband has been the ability to see my work through fresh eyes again.

As I know you can relate, having been doing this for so long, I find most things very routine and there is not much that surprises me anymore. But hearing Dan recount his experiences allow me to look at things a little bit differently.

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An Intimate Look Into A Professional Pet Sitter’s Holiday Schedule (How Did Yours Compare?)

An Intimate Look Into A Professional Pet Sitter’s Holiday Schedule (How Did Yours Compare?)

Sarah Burns is a professional pet sitting business owner serving the Northville, MI area since 2010.  She shares with us some highlights and lessons learned from her recent holiday season.

Her biggest take-away? If you do not make consistent and deliberate time for yourself, you’ll never have what it takes to sustain a schedule of properly serving your clients.

Take it away, Sarah…

It has been a very busy holiday season (as usual). I am excited as I write this because today we will be finishing up the very last sits from the holiday and life can return to “normal!”

It’s been a long couple of weeks filled with plenty of sits and plenty of stressful moments.

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