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Your Pet Website Is A Great Big Puzzle
With Many Moving Parts...

Our video library is designed to empower you as a professional pet sitting business owner!

How to Rank Higher in Google Search Results for Your Pet Sitting Website

Video Length: 6 minutes

How do you rank higher in Google for the keywords you are trying to target? It’s actually a bit easier than you think, and takes a small amount of strategic work. We all know pet professionals are not afraid of hard work (in fact, we are some of the hardest working people around)!

So what does it take? Sadly, you will not rank simply by having a website. You do need a bit of valuable insight that Google can see will excite your ideal client. Believe when I say, you already have a ton of this information and insight floating around your head! I am certain of that.

I am also certain that this video will help put things into perspective for you and allow you a plan to rank higher in Google.

How to Make Sure Your Keywords Are Properly Added To Your Blog Content

Video Length: 6 minutes

“Do I need to systematically, or deliberately, insert keywords into my blog posts?” This is a great question that I was recently asked. The short answer is no, you do not want to place your keywords into your posts just for the sake of having an increase in the number of times your chosen keyword appears.

Some time ago, Google did use “keyword density” as a signal when evaluating where a page would rank in the results. Today, it’s more about naturally using your keywords in the normal context of your post. This video helps put it all into perspective for you with real world examples from the professional pet sitting industry.

Google is Your Business Partner. Start Acting Like It!

Video Length: 6 minutes

Whether you realize it or not, you are in business with Google. That’s right, you and Google serve the same client and you need to view the mutually beneficial relationship as such. Allow me to put this into perspective with examples you can relate to. Chances are you already network with other professional pet sitters in your area. Maybe you rely on each other for backup or for services you do not provide.

In order to become part of a business relationship like that, you both needed to make sure it was first a good fit. You evaluated the personal style of the potential business partner, you determined their work ethic, knowledge, experience, and overall outlook to make sure it would be someone you can trust and rely on. Google is the exact same way in doing their due diligence before displaying your pet business website high in the search results.

Write How You Talk and You Will Quickly Find Your Voice

Video Length: 5 minutes

“How do I balance the need to write professionally with a more casual, conversational tone?” This fantastic question is a legitimate concern for those who are currently blogging. It comes down to what style, tone, or persona do you take with your writing? You want to consider grammar, structure, and punctuation but best practice does say you want to create content that is more conversational.

You want to write like you talk, while making sure you spell check. Over time, you will find your voice and hone your skills. The bottom line is simply to begin writing and do not overthink it. Starting is always better than not starting!