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Is Your Pet Sitting Business Ever Successful “Enough”? How The Pet Sitters Conference Is Beneficial To Both New Pet Sitters And Established Companies

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Can you ever have too much success in your life? Is there ever a tipping point?

How do you define success?  Can you ever be successful enough?

Most of us have (or should have) goals for our business.  When we reach those goals, we consider ourselves successful and then make new goals, reach them…make new ones…it’s a never ending cycle as you and your business change, develop and grow throughout the years.

What are your business goals?  Have you reached ALL of them?  Are you comfortable with where your business is at and want to stay status quo?  Is that a good idea?  Is it even possible?

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal. —Earl Nightingale (read more of Earl Nightingale quotes here.)

Along with defining your goals, you also need to define what “successful business” means to you and your company.  Maybe it is tied to how much money you make, maybe it is defined by positive client feedback, or how many new clients you get per month, or if you can go away on vacation and not worry about the business….everyone has a different definition of SUCCESS.

Do you have a successful business?

If you already have a successful business, why should you try to make it more successful?  Why should you attend the PetSittingOlogy conference to help you bring your business to the next level – WHEN YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE ALREADY AT THE PERFECT LEVEL?

This conference is beneficial for all pet sitting businesses, whether you are new to the industry or and established, making 6 figure’s pet sitting businesses.  How?  Easy:

5 Undeniable Reasons You Will Benefit From Our Conference

– Simply being able to attend is a testament to your success.  Clients see that you are interested in staying on top of new trends, new information and it makes you even more successful in their eyes.

– You may be blogging, you may be marketing, you may have an awesome web site and custom logo – but I guarantee you will learn new ways to do the things that you are doing BETTER.  Small tweaks that you never thought of before, a new way of looking at things, a different way to approach issues with clients or staff.

–  The speaker line up is not your basic conference lecture.  It is not mundane, boring, unrelated topics that make you fall asleep yada yada yada.  We get experts like Marcus Sheridan, Senior Editor of CopyBlogger (2013), Professional Dog Trainers, (Pet Tech Founder Thom Sones) to talk about specific ways to implement things to make your business better than it already is.  No matter how good your business is, it can always get BETTER.

– Thoms Somes, the Founder of PetTech is partnering with PetSittingOlogy and offering both an Instructor Certification class but also the PetSaver class.

– Maybe you don’t want to take on new clients, maybe you don’t want to or need to increase your billing income.  Then why not be a leader in our industry?  Pet sitters want to meet and talk to other successful pet sitters – to ask questions, engage in a dialogue, to give them HOPE that they are not going be always be looked at as “just” the pet sitter.  We provide a luxury service.

Have You Heard The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightengale, Circa 1950?

Do you think people who work at the Ritz Carlton think about staying the same?    You don’t necessarily have to grow your business to become more successful, but you do have to continue to have goals and continue to reach for them.

This conference is about ways you can make your already successful pet sitting business even more successful;  regardless of how you define success.  Now comes the hard part:  How do you stay successful? You come to the conference to find out!

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