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4 Essential Elements of an Effective Website

When I was asked to present at the 2016 NAPPS conference on the topic of SEO and how to rank higher in Google, I wanted to achieve two things.

One: I wanted to make certain that the audience had an understanding of WHY Google ranked certain websites above others.

Two: I wanted to provide specific and tangible takeaways that each person in the audience can do and implement immediately.

Those two goals were the recipe for what became my presentation titled “4 Essential Elements of an Effective Website”.

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Marcus Sheridan Unplugged: How to Differentiate Yourself and Achieve Success [Video]

Have you ever wondered how you can differentiate yourself as a pet sitter?

If so, you’re in for a real treat! Our guest for today’s episode, Marcus Sheridan, shares his own journey of differentiating himself as a standout in the pool industry and eventually, as a marketing genius.

Marcus Sheridan is perhaps best known to folks as founder of the popular sales and marketing blog, The Sales Lion. He started his career as founder and CEO of River Pools, where he developed one of the most educational blogs in the entire pool industry.

Marcus says you have to trust people, and build trust with others in order to succeed in business. However, that doesn’t mean putting your head in the sand either, as he was to find out later in a tough lesson.

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How To Come Up With Topics and Ideas for Your Pet Blog Posts: Take The Challenge!

blog topic ideas
Coming up with blog topics to write about is easy once you have the right “ingredients”. This article will hand you the tools to come up with dozens of new article topics and ideas you can write about.

What is the number one reason you are not writing blog post articles for your pet business website?

Do you feel that you are “not a good writer?”  Do you wonder where you might find the time?  Are you unsure of the proper blog post format?

While those are all valid thoughts, you are going to receive an abundance of help today when it comes to topic selection.

When we ask people if they are writing articles for their audience, one of the most common answers is:

“I would but I don’t know what to write about”.

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Google Called and Wants Me To Verify My Business Listing: Is This Legit?

phone image

You already know that running a business takes a great deal of focus, passion and determination.  And you know that it takes plenty of knowledge, insight and common sense.

Sometimes, even for the best of us, those qualities get tested.

The point?

(Keep reading and you can listen in on an actual recorded call from one of these companies!)

Have you yet received a call from Google (or someone claiming to be from Google) asking you to claim or confirm your Google Business Listing details?

I got one of these calls recently and have the entire chat recorded so you can finally see what is the motivation behind the call.

Chances are you have either gotten that call already or had a message left for you on the matter.

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The Million Dollar Pet Sitter: How Beth Greenberg Reaches $1million in Pet Services [Training Video]

the Puzzle to pet sitting success

Think it’s possible for your business to reach one million dollars in pet sitting services?

Think it’s possible hit that milestone year after year?

We didn’t think so either!

While I’ve heard of many successful pet sitting companies breaking the six-figure mark (over $100,000), I’ve never heard of one breaking seven-figures (over $1 million) is services.

That is, until I met Beth Greenberg, co-owner of All Friends Pet Care (serving Northern Virginia). You could imagine that I would welcome the chance to sit down with Beth and pick her brain on all things “HOW”!

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How to Give More in Value To Your Pet Clients So You Can Become More Successful: Discussion with Bob Burg

Josh Cary and The Go-Giver book

Do you ever wonder how certain pet business owners become so successful when it appears to come naturally to them?

It’s often the small, subtle acts of service that have accumulated over time to produce an incredible result.

This is the same concept that a farmer experiences, for example. A farmer will plant seeds, tend to the crops, water the soil, and a hundred other things in order to get the desired result.

Many of these small steps are less than glamorous and often unrewarded. No immediate result is seen…


The fruits of your labor pay off. Literally.

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5 Lessons Learned from the Biggest Business Conference and How You Can Apply Each to Grow Your Business

pink notebook

We sent our friend and colleague, Laura Capra (Owner, Keep Me Company Pet Sitting), to the recent Copyblogger Conference in Denver, Colorado.

She arrived with a blank notebook and a pen.

She returned with a head spinning full of incredible business advice that anyone can use.

After sorting through her jam-packed notebook of notes, quotes, and take-aways, we pulled the Top 5 lessons learned and decided to go through each one for you while detailing exactly how you can apply each one to your own pet business, too.

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How to Add In-Home Boarding to Your Menu of Service Options [Audio]

dog plush toy image

One of the brilliant parts of running, owning and managing your own pet sitting business is that you can structure it any way you wish.

You can set your own policies, you can care for the pets that fit perfectly with your lifestyle, and you can offer a variety of services that are in line with your overall goals.

In home boarding, or caring for pets in your home, can be a lucrative part of your business services.

Allowing your client to drop off their pet to run free in an area of your home can be an attractive service, but like anything else, you must approach this with proper care and consideration.

Your area may have specific laws and permits you’ll need to obtain, and you’ll want to make sure your home is set up in the ideal way to host pets to begin with.

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How To Keep Your Website Visitors Interested and Coming Back For More

Engage your audience

You know those certain people in your life that you can talk to forever?

Anytime you find yourself in dialogue with that person, you never run out of things to talk about, there are no awkward moments, and you feel connected, excited and rejuvenated.

That is the exact feeling you want each of your website visitors to experience.

But how do you make that happen when your job is to simply publish content on your site and hope for the best?

One way is to offer your users a variety of visual elements throughout your site pages for maximum connection.

Allow me to explain further.

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