Is This New Website A Big Threat To Pet Sitters? [Video]

I was enjoying my morning coffee earlier, as usual, reading through the Google News headlines to see what the day had in store.

One of my custom news sections has all pet sitting industry headlines and stories, and one in particular caught my attention.

It was an article from the Los Angeles Times spotlighting the new start-up,

One thing from the article in particular ruffled my feathers and prompted me to make this quick video.

Make sure to watch at minute 1:53 in the video to see exactly what got me going – and tell me if you don’t agree with my stand.

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How Do Pet Sitters Respond to Last Minute Bookings? [video]

hourglass photoAs most pet sitters know, the longer you’ve been in business, the more familiar you become with your own steps and processes.

Typically, a call or email comes in, you connect with the potential client, you spend time discussing all options.

Then you would set up a mutually convenient time to meet, receive the keys, get forms and agreements signed, work out payment, and the ball is rolling.

But what happens when a potential client contacts you in dire need for your services NOW?

As in right now. Like, tonight.

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Yahoo Tells Search Users to Stay Away from Pet Sitter’s Website [video]!

caution signPicture this scenario:

You’ve worked long and hard to get your pet sitting website to the top of the search engines.

Your site ranks high for excellent search terms (for example, when someone searches for ‘pet sitter [your town]’)

Visitors are on your site, impressed with your services and the emails come in and the phone keeps ringing.

Then Nothing. It All Just Stops.

But all of a sudden, the emails aren’t coming in quite as often, and the phone isn’t ringing nearly enough.

It’s almost as if someone pulled the plug on your website.

You visit your own website and confirm it’s still online. You test your contact form and email address, and everything works.

So what’s the problem?

You wonder if your search engine ranking has dropped (which could easily explain the lack of new leads coming in).

You head over to Yahoo and type in ‘pet sitter [your town]’ to see where you currently stand.

You were always in the top 1 or 2 position, and interestingly enough, you still are.

However, there is one big difference with your search result – It now looks like this:

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Your Favorite Pet Sitting Client Just Handed You $1000 Cash – Now What?

puppy dogPicture this: You head over to your favorite pet sitting client’s home for a routine visit.

On the counter is an envelop with your name on it.

It contains $1000 cash with a note for you that reads: ‘Use it well.’

Excited? Yes. Ready to make it happen? That’s the big question.

Could you take your pet sitting business to the next level, and beyond, with a $1000 head start?

Barbara Corcoran is a top New York real estate agent who did just that. She took a $1000 investment and went on to build a $70million empire.

You also may recognize Barbara from the ABC hit TV show, Shark Tank.

Learn From Barbara Corcoran in 5 Minutes

In this incredible 5-minute interview, Barbara shares a bunch of insight and wisdom on how she went from next to nothing to almost everything.

You’ll quickly see that it can all work for us pet sitters, too.

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The Modern Rules of using Flyers and Door Hangers for your Pet Sitting Business [video]

do flyers work for pet sittersWhat is the number one reason to use flyers or door hangers in your pet sitting business?

In other words, what are hoping to gain from it?

New clients, right?

Whether you are a solo pet sitter on your own, or a pet sitter looking to bring on ICs or employees, the goal is exactly the same:

To bring on new clients the best way possible.

One of the most common questions I receive when it comes to working with ICs is “How can I bring on an IC or Employee without the guarantee of work?”

And one of the most common questions I receive from solo sitters is “How can I land higher in the search engines?”

Both of these questions address the exact same issue: Gaining more pet sitting clients.

This new video addresses the popular topic of using flyers and door hangers to promote your business.

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The 4 Steps to Winning More Pet Sitting Clients

In this comprehensive training call created exclusively for Association of Pet Sitting Excellence (APSE) members, you’ll discover the 4 steps that you must successfully achieve in order to gain new pet sitting clients.

As you’ll see, if any of the steps are skipped, you simply can not LOGICALLY gain a new client.

I outline each step in detail and explain why

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The Top 3 Methods to Paying Your Pet Sitters [Video]

In this video, Nancy writes asking the following question:

How do you pay your ICs?

Great question, and as you’ll discover inside the video, there are 3 distinct ways you can choose to pay your pet sitters.

It all depends on the number of pet sitters you are paying, how often you are paying them, and a variety of personal preferences.

Since starting our pet sitting business, we’ve gone through each of the methods outlined in the video.

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Fully SEO Your Pet Sitting Website – Look Beyond Keywords [Video]

pet sittingeoWant to hear a scary fact?  If you are only focusing on keywords when it comes to SEO and your pet sitting website, you are going to consistently miss out on a ton of new clients.

Why is that?  Simply because choosing the best keywords and implementing them on your site is just ONE part of a full SEO strategy.

Unfortunately, just focusing on keywords alone is like just getting partially dressed to start your day.

Sure, you might be decent enough to answer the door, but you’re a ways off if, let’s say, you have a meeting to attend.

In that case, you’ll have to finish getting dressed, put on your shoes and socks, brush your teeth, do your hair, put on some makeup, gather your belongings and get on your way.

Optimizing your pet sitting website for the search engines is an equally as involved process.

And as you’ll see in my video, it’s not that difficult or mysterious.

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