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How To Create A Visual Service Area Map for Your Pet Website [Video]

service area map
Create a custom service area map for your website
Since you run a pet sitting business, you know that defining your service area is one important element.

While it’s advisable and recommended to have a “Service Area” page that lists the towns, neighborhoods, zip codes and/or areas you serve, it can also be helpful to include a visual reference for your visitors.

Did you know that Google Maps makes it simple enough to create your own custom map that defines your own service area?

Side Note: I made a video like this over a year ago, but since that time, Google has updated the maps method so that video is no longer relevant.

Google is always keeping us on our toes and you can be sure I’m always keeping up.

Create A Defined Service Area To Embed On Your Website

Watch this short video to create a custom map for your pet sitting business.

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How To Get More Traffic To Your Pet Sitting Website (and 6 Other SEO Questions Answered) [podcast]

A few Friday’s back, I sent out a last-minute note saying that I will be holding an impromptu phone chat on the topic of websites, WordPress and search engine optimization (SEO).

I asked for your most pressing questions and was joined on the call that provided wonderful dialogue lasting 45 minutes.

I absolutely love these “casual, let’s chat” events and have hosted others recently with Bella Vasta via Google Hangout.

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Pet Sitter Phone Script Do’s and Don’ts [Video]

How many times do you hear on the phone with a potential pet sitting client “Whoa, that is too expensive?”

In this insightful video, Joshua Cary chats with Bella Vasta of Jump Consulting on exactly how she landed a new pet sitting client who initially thought, “You are too expensive!”

This objection is something we all hear (perhaps more often that we’d like) and it comes in all shapes and sizes:

Other versions of this frustration objection include:

  • I can’t afford that.
  • Let me talk to my husband.
  • I’m just shopping around.

These are all stalls. Stalls are ways that a caller will get you off the phone without making a commitment.

Objections, believe it or not, are expected, are normal and are all part of the process.

It now becomes the job of the pet sitter handling the phones to understand the true objection behind the words so you can overcome them and WIN a new client.

This video shows exactly how Bella has mastered that ability.

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Blogging 101 for Pet Sitters [Webinar Replay]

speaker pictureThis webinar on the very basics of blogging is over one hour long.

It is filled with easy-to-understand direction, concepts and ideas that will leave you motivated, inspired and ready to take action.

(Many of the attendees reported just that.)

This webinar is for you if:

  • You know next to nothing about blogging.
  • You have no idea WHY you should be blogging.
  • You don’t know HOW to properly blog but you know you should be blogging.
  • You currently blog but want to take things a bit further.
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How To Create The Right Content For Your Pet Sitting Website [Webinar Replay]

Whether you realize it or not, creating content for your pet sitting website is one of the best, quickest and recommended ways to enhance your website.

Creating content will, simply put, help you rank higher in Google, assist in your SEO efforts, and make each of your visitors happy.

All of that adds up to more clients, and increased business. (And who doesn’t want more of that?)

Here Is The Webinar Replay on Creating Content

Forget everything you think you know about creating content!

This has nothing to do with your blog, and has nothing to do with writing articles.

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Step One for Pet Sitters is to Understand How Search Works (Everything Else Will Follow)

If you want to appear higher in the Google search results, understanding how search works to begin with is a great start.

Are you happy with where your pet sitting website lands in Google when a potential client searches for, let’s say, ‘pet sitter + [your town]?’

Are you wondering how to improve your search rankings or how to show up in Google more often?

First, you must understand how search works to begin with.

And what better way to get a quick primer than from the horses mouth!

Watch this 3-minute video from Matt Cutts (part of the quality search team at Google) for the basics. (Then, don’t miss the upcoming webinar announced below!)

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Pet Sitter Emergency Preparation and Safety with Hurricane Sandy Raw Footage [video]

As those of us on the East Coast brace for the worst of Hurricane Sandy, it begs the question what professional pet sitters do to keep their furry clients safe and sound?

My home in New Jersey (monmouth county) was issued a mandatory evacuation, and now I am sitting safely in an apartment in Brooklyn.

Running to the super market yesterday (as most news people instructed) for batteries, candles, food and water was a sight to see!

It was packed and crowded with many patrons in ‘fight or flight’ mode. And all the D batteries were sold out!

In any case, I feel very confident with my location and with the amenities I have should power go out. I also have a full tank of gas (again, as suggested by the pros) but aren’t sure where I’d be required to drive in a completely flooded area.

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How To Use WordPress – The Webinar Replay [video]

Walking Tour of WordPress: Why WordPress is the Only Website Building Tool You’ll Need

In the one-hour long webinar below, Joshua Cary leads pet sitters through the entire WordPress system.

Whether you are completely new to the WordPress system, or looking to take your web building skills to the next level, you’ll discover why WordPress is the only web building tool of choice, and how it will put YOU in control of every aspect of your pet sitting website.

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A Rare Look For Pet Sitters Inside The Minds Of Your Clients [video]

How often do we as pet sitters get to be a fly on the wall and listen in on an actual gripe from a pet owner?

And how valuable would it be to hear what is currently bothering a client most about her pet sitter?

Well, through a friend of a friend, I got into a conversation with a woman about pet sitting in general and she decided to share this story with me.

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10 Elements On Your Pet Sitting Website That Will Bring In More Clients

How exciting would it be for you to have more email submissions from your pet sitting website and to have your phone ringing more often?

Some weeks back, I made available a document (link to the file is below) that highlighted the 10 elements from my own pet sitting website that have been responsible for bringing in more leads every day.

And, as you know, converting more of your website visitors into leads is the quickest way to grow your pet sitting business.

Surprisingly, the way to accomplish that is NOT to simply get more visitors to your site (because you could have a ton of visitors with no one choosing to get in touch with you!) but rather to understand exactly what inspires, encourages and entices your users to take action.

Learning what gets more of your current visitors to make contact with you is not done by accident.

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