We Are Thrilled To Be Partnering With Pilots N Paws At This Years Pet Industry Conference


Ask any pet sitter why they got into the business and you will usually hear an answer related to their passion for pets.

Here at PSO, we share your same passion for the safety and well being of animals.  We love to hear your stories of the rescues you volunteer for, the dogs and cats you may be fostering; this generous and giving community we are a part of is astounding.

Which is why we want to give back at the conference.  Each year we choose a non profit to sponsor and this year we are proud to announce that we are teaming up with Pilots N Paws!

A national organization of volunteers whose hobby just happens to be airplanes.

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SEO Language For The Pet Industry – Word Choice Matters

word choice matters for SEO

Do you have a friend or relative who takes things literally?  They don’t understand the nuances of sarcasm and you have to always tell them that “I didn’t mean it that way”?

Or maybe you are a parent of a toddler (from personal experience I know they are extremely literal)!

That’s how you want to look at the Google Bots.  They are part of a computer system – of course they are literal!

Sure, if you ask Siri what she is wearing she’ll have a fun quip answer – but not because she understands the question, it’s because she was programmed that way.

When it comes to creating content, WORD CHOICE MATTERS.

As pet industry business owners, we know the “inside lingo”, we understand the subtleties, we get that a pet sitter can also cover dog walks and vice versa.  But do you think someone who is looking for someone to help them with their new puppy knows that?

Don’t count on it.

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How To Come Up With Topics and Ideas for Your Pet Blog Posts: Take The Challenge!

blog topic ideas

Coming up with blog topics to write about is easy once you have the right “ingredients”. This article will hand you the tools to come up with dozens of new article topics and ideas you can write about.

What is the number one reason you are not writing blog post articles for your pet business website?

Do you feel that you are “not a good writer?”  Do you wonder where you might find the time?  Are you unsure of the proper blog post format?

While those are all valid thoughts, you are going to receive an abundance of help today when it comes to topic selection.

When we ask people if they are writing articles for their audience, one of the most common answers is:

“I would but I don’t know what to write about”.

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