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Appropriate Social Media Posts On Your Business Pages


Have you seen a post on social media and cringed a little bit?

Thought “they’re going to regret that one”?

While you want to keep the “social” in your posts, there is a little bit of etiquette that you want to keep in mind.

Here are 4 tips to making sure you never regret a post on your business page:

  • Don’t complain.  Yes, it may be too hot, too cold, snowing, windy…you may be sick, exhausted, grumpy….

How do you think it would look if a potential clients was scrolling through your site and saw a post like:

“I’m so exhausted.  Pet Sitters never get to rest, I’ve been at it since 6 am, it’s now 11:30 pm.  And I get to do it all again tomorrow.  Yay me!”

I would think: There is no way that she has time to take care of my pets so I’m going to call the next pet sitter on the list.


“It’s so hot out I could really go for a margarita and a pool right now.  But I have pets to visit so that’s going to have to wait”

While just about everyone can picture sipping a cold beverage on a hot day, this comes across like you don’t really want to be hanging out with my pets.  And I want someone who wants to be with them, not someone who wishes they were somewhere else.  I’m just going to call the next dog walker on the list.

  • Don’t ramble.  Social Media is quick, witty, to the point, short-n-sweet.  Especially platforms like Twitter that go so far as to give you a limit of how may characters you can include in a Tweet.

Platforms like Facebook that don’t have a character limit and allow you to make your post as long as you want it to, don’t take that as an open door to ramble.

(Unless you have something really fun and important to say and isn’t that picture of Fluffer so awesome and did you see on the news where a Labradoodle saved a child who was about to drown in the lake but he jumped in and pulled her to shore?  Aren’t they such great dogs and I am so lucky that I get to be watching one this weekend and I think that I am going to give him extra treats because he is so awesome.  His owners are in Ireland which is a place that I really want to visit because I have some Irish heritage and….)

Yeah, no.  Keep it short and sweet.

  • Word Choice.  Because you want to keep it short and sweet, word choice is important.

Unless you have a picture of a donkey and you write “do these ears make my ass look big?”…I would tend to stay away from the swears. Save it for your personal page.

  • Don’t Put Yourself Or Your Company Down.

I read a post once (yes, on a business page) that said something along the lines of:

“I saw a cute guy in line at the store but I was in my grungy work shirt.  And I probably stepped in poop at some point in the day.  Hopefully next time I see a cutie I’ll be freshly showered”.

Appropriate?   Not on your business page!

Keep you business social media sites clean, fresh, upbeat!

That is the image you want to portray to your clients!

Share your experiences with social media with us!  We always love hearing from you!









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