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The Secret To Implementing A Successful SEO Plan


Do you get overwhelmed by the mere thought of SEO?

Do those 3 letters in that particular order have the same affect as kryptonite?

We can help!  We know the secret to a successful SEO plan and it’s only 1 word:


“But there are 200 things that Google looks at and I have no idea where to start”
“When am I going to find the time?  I’m too busy running my business”
“I know nothing about SEO”

Ok, no problem.

Where do you start?  WHEREVER YOU WANT TO!

Because Google looks at so many different factors, you have your choice on where to begin your SEO journey!

What do you like to do best?  Pick 1 thing and start there.  Just 1 thing.  Don’t worry about the long SEO To Do List.  Only the first step on the list matters.

(Before you choose your starting point on the list below, read this blog about 2014 conference speaker Michael Bagley about Structural Tension – which is essentially figuring out HOW to start)

Pick ONE THING from this list and do it in 30 days:

  • Love taking pictures?  Add quality photo’s to your site and social media pages.
  • Love being in front of a camera?  Add a video to your web site and social media pages.
  • We can’t talk enough about writing a blog article.  Write 1.  Just 1.  “Why Does My Dog Need A Dog Walker” or “Why Does My Cat Need A Cat Sitter?”  Write one of those, you probably answer each question on a daily basis anyway so the answer is already in your head.
  • Your web site.  Start on the home page and look at what (if anything needs to be updated).  Don’t worry about your web site as a whole, look at each individual page.  1 page.  That’s all you have to do.

Three things to pay attention to on your web site pages:

  1. Is your phone number at the top of each page?  A visitor should not have to scroll down to figure out how to contact you
  2. Is it easy on the eyes?  White space is your friend.  It might sound like an oxymoron but too much content on one page is not a good thing.  Take out the fluff, or better yet, you may find you have enough information for a whole new page!  And Google loves pages!”Cat Sitting” and “Dog Walking” are totally separate services.  Why shouldn’t they have their own separate pages!
  3. Look at your word choice.  Google bots are very literal (obviously, it’s a computer system!).  Do you think someone with a cat is more likely to enter “pet sitter in Whoville” OR “cat sitter in Whoville”?  They may sound like the same thing to you because you are a pet professional, but to the Google bots (literal), they are very different terms.Take a look at my pet sitting services page: Keep Me Company Pet Sitting.  Notice that under rates our description is horribly generic! We call them “visits”.  What would be more helpful would be “Cat Sitting Rates”, “Dog Walking Rates”, “Horse Sitting Rates”.  Joe Q Public is not going to use (or possibly even understand) what a “visit” is.  Now yes, part of my job is to educate them on what our visit entails

    BUT I CAN’T DO THAT IF THEY NEVER FIND MY SITE IN THE FIRST PLACE.Word choice matters. (note I will be updating my own word choice so you may be seeing the new and improved Services Page!)

When are you going to find the time?  When you can.  Don’t stress about it.

At the 2015 Copy Blogger Authority Conference, speaker Chris Brogan talked about people contacting him and saying things like “I need to take your class but I’m going on vacation next week”.  Go on vacation!  And enjoy it without thinking about SEO.  It will be there when you get home.  It will be there after your visits.

Just pick 1 thing to do.  Just 1.

You don’t know anything about SEO?  That’s where we come in.  How can we help?

Because you know, once you get your 1 thing finished, you get to choose another 1 thing!

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