Pricing Strategies For Pet Sitters – 2 Questions To Ask Yourself When Wondering What You Should Charge


One of the most common questions we get from potential clients is of course “How much do you cost?”.

It’s a question that we often ask when making a purchasing decision.  How many people sort their shopping list on Amazon “from lowest price to highest?” .  I don’t know that I’ve ever bought the lowest priced item but I definitely compare the VALUE of my options.

One of the most common questions pet sitters ask is “How much should I charge?” $10? $20?  $22.50? $45.00?

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3 Steps You Need to Follow to Make Sure Your Blogs and Content are Working Properly

cat at computer

I met a ton of people from all over the world at the recent Copyblogger Rainmaker conference.

I was a bit surprised that there were not more entrepreneurs, small business owners, niche marketers – I met a lot of people in the content marketing field already and it felt a little like CB may have been preaching to the choir.

The people who could really benefit from content marketing are the little guys, content is a great way for David to beat Goliath.

Why don’t more small businesses embrace content?

And then I sat next to a Librarian. And I chatted with a man who was opening up a meditation retreat center. These were my people!

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How to Give More in Value To Your Pet Clients So You Can Become More Successful: Discussion with Bob Burg

Josh Cary and The Go-Giver book

Do you ever wonder how certain pet business owners become so successful when it appears to come naturally to them?

It’s often the small, subtle acts of service that have accumulated over time to produce an incredible result.

This is the same concept that a farmer experiences, for example. A farmer will plant seeds, tend to the crops, water the soil, and a hundred other things in order to get the desired result.

Many of these small steps are less than glamorous and often unrewarded. No immediate result is seen…


The fruits of your labor pay off. Literally.

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5 Lessons Learned from the Biggest Business Conference and How You Can Apply Each to Grow Your Business

pink notebook

We sent our friend and colleague, Laura Capra (Owner, Keep Me Company Pet Sitting), to the recent Copyblogger Conference in Denver, Colorado.

She arrived with a blank notebook and a pen.

She returned with a head spinning full of incredible business advice that anyone can use.

After sorting through her jam-packed notebook of notes, quotes, and take-aways, we pulled the Top 5 lessons learned and decided to go through each one for you while detailing exactly how you can apply each one to your own pet business, too.

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Don’t Overlook These 5 Key Elements of Your Pet Business Website

key elements

It’s no secret that my philosophy is that your pet website should be your main source of new business.

Today, when your ideal and potential client is looking for someone to care for their pet, they hop over to Google, enter in a number of various search terms and begin their search.

Naturally you want your website to appear as high in the Google search results as possible. And when we talk about “SEO” (search engine optimization) there are two distinct areas you need to understand:

  1. The ability to land high in the search engine results when a potential client is searching for the service you provide.
  2. The ability to naturally inspire the majority of your website visitors to take action and make contact with you.

Without both of those actions taking place as often as possible, you may find yourself struggling with your website marketing.

We are here to change all of that!

Are you happy with the current condition of your website? Do you know what improvements or enhancements you may need to make to increase search engine placement?

Use this study guide and checklist to fully determine what your best course of action may be for the direction of your current website.

Things to consider/ You may discover:

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The Reason You Should Not Use Q-tips to Clean Your Ears and Why This Can Help Your Pet Business

picture of Q-tips

I seem to have heard most of my adult life that you should never use Q-tips to clean your ears

I’ve always found this was odd since I thought the whole purpose of a Q-tip was to clean your ears.

In any case, while I feel it’s hygienic to use a Q-tip to clean my ear, the first reason I choose to use one each morning is to dry the water in my ears.

What I’ve read on this topic continues to suggest one should never use a Q-tip to clean or dry your ears.

Yet, using a Q-tip in a deliberate and responsible manner for much of my adult life seems to be working for me.

Despite the contradictory advice.

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Pet Sitter Spotlight: Rita Reimers of Cats 90210 and Charlotte Cat Sitting

cat_behaviorist rita reimers logo

This Day 15 of our 15 part series spotlighting the Professional Pet Sitting Industry and the extraordinary work being done day in and day out.

It should go without saying that the professional pet care industry is an extraordinary bunch of individuals who have amazingly big hearts.

Much of what the pet parent client sees is the direct result of many years of love, care, and professionalism.

Similar to the skilled magician or gifted performer or talented surgeon, you only see the effortless work as the training and education is done behind the scenes.

And that’s a price you can’t pay for.

The successful pet sitter will also be directly responsible for staff members that they send into the client’s home to do the job.

In today’s spotlight, you’ll see 3 separate examples of how hiring the right people literally make all the difference in your success.

You will also read how Rita Reimers of Cats 90210 and Charlotte Cat Sitting made a promise to a pet parent that she fulfilled — but wishes it never would have come to it.

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Pet Sitter Spotlight: Maureen McCarthy of Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

Jasper the dog

Day 14 of our 15-part series spotlighting the Professional Pet Sitting Industry.

It’s certainly never easy having to say goodbye to a furry client when the end is near.

It’s also never easy when you have been a part of the pooch’s life for over two years.

No matter where our day-to-day jobs, careers, or lives take us, it’s simply about enjoy what we have, and enjoying those around us.

For you never know when it will suddenly be taken away.

Today’s professional pet sitter spotlight is on Maureen McCarthy of Love and Kisses Pet Sitting in Indian Trail, NC.

This is her story of the time she shared with her special friend, Jasper.

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Pet Sitter Spotlight: Michelle Romano of Waggs & Purrs Pet Sitting

Waggs & Purrs logo

Day 13 of our spotlight on 15 Professional Pet Sitters Doing Extraordinary Work!

So much of a professional pet sitter’s days work revolves around plenty more than only caring for the well being of the pet.

The pet sitter is also in a position to be responsible for the client’s home, surroundings, possessions, and property.

Choosing to hire a trained and skilled pro to care for your furry friend is not a decision that should be taken lightly. The entire home – along with all the contents inside the home – is also at risk, should something happen.

Today, we say hi to Michelle Romano of Waggs & Purrs Pet Sitting in San Antonio, TX, who saved a lifetime of memories (and much more) from disaster.

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Pet Sitter Spotlight: Rebecca Kirkland of Whiskers ‘N’ Wags Pet Sitting

Rebecca Kirkland pet sitter photo

Day 12 of our 15-part series on the life of professional pet sitters.

As we make our way through more and more of these extraordinary tales, it becomes increasingly obvious that the professional pet sitter is so much more than a “one trick pony” (pun intended?).

Truth be told, a true pet care professional must consider the welfare and well being of the animals in her care from a variety of angles.

She must consider the health and the safety from elements inside the home. She must consider the safety from outsiders, including other people, other dogs and other animals.

And she must consider the unknown factors. Like the weather.

Each job we take as a professional care taker could potentially present an entirely unique set of circumstances that we must act upon in a matter of seconds.

The pet parent relies on our good judgement to keep her furry family member protected.

This is why hiring an experienced professional should be your top priority.

In today’s spotlight, Rebecca Kirkland of Whiskers ‘N’ Wags Pet Sitting in Colorado City, TX was put to the test and passed with flying colors!

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