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The Importance Of A Professional “Selfie” On Your Web Site And Social Media


Don’t you want to know what the joke was in the picture above?

The image that you portray matters.

I’m not talking about being model pretty, or the right height or the right weight – that stuff doesn’t matter.

What does matter however is presenting yourself in a professional way so visitors to your web site think:


Think about it.  When you are searching the Internet, what catches your eye first?


What is your Facebook feed filled with?


When you want to share something on your personal page, what do you include?


We all love pictures!  As pet sitters we are a step ahead of some other industries because people also love pictures of animals!

Win Win right?

The key is in having the RIGHT picture.

Do you have any of the following examples on your web site or on any social media site related to your business:

  • A picture with you or a pet with glowing eyes
  • A picture of you that a friend took at a bar or other social event
  • A picture of yourself that has a dog pooping in the background
  • A picture of yourself at the end of a 20-visit day

Your professional business page is different than your personal page.  Much different.

At this years conference coming up in a few weeks, professional photographer (and speaker at the 2014 conference) Mike Bagley is coming back to help you get the right picture.

To help you get that image for your Home Page and your About Us Page that will make people say “I want that pet sitter watching my pets!”

Mike will be setting up a mini studio and will give you the digital photos so you can add them to your web page, to your social media sites, where ever you want to use them.  (Life size card board cut out maybe?)

I’m sure in your head one of your first questions is how much is this going to cost.  Usually a business head shot is upwards of $250

I’ll address that right now: Mike is doing this at no cost.  In lieu of paying him, he and Josh are asking for you to donate any amount that you feel comfortable giving to this years chosen non profit: Pilots For Paws.

What you can expect:

If you had the pleasure of meeting Mike at the conference last year you know that he is a stand up guy.  He will make it easy and comfortable for you to be in front of the camera.  He’s a good people guy, he’ll get you talking, get you relaxed and before you know it he will have captured the natural moments of you just being you.  WHICH IS ENOUGH!  And you won’t have glowing eyes!

Mike has the knack (he should, he’s a professional photographer!), to bring out the natural beauty in the people he is shooting (with his camera!).

There is nothing to be afraid of or nervous about.  Seriously!

Check out some of Mike’s professional head shots here.

The plan is to have a mini studio set up close to the conference room and also one outside.

Why you should sign up for a 20 minute time slot with Mike

Read this right now.  We’ll wait while you click over to it.

It’s a blog post that Mike wrote about why YOU need a head shot.  In it he quotes a Wall Street Journal article that says “LinkedIn profiles with photos as 11x more likely to be viewed than ones without.”

11x more likely.  Eleven.  Times.  More.  Likely.

How would you like it if your site was 11 times more likely to get viewed vs your competitors site?

This is the power of the right picture.

(Bad photo’s speak just as loudly as good ones and can have a negative impact on visitors to your site.  See list above and please, remove any pictures that have laser eyes.  Unless you have a cool Star Wars quote next to it).

How to prepare:

Bring a clean shirt.

It doesn’t need to be one with your logo but it certainly can be. Depending on where the logo is located on the shirt it may or may not be in the picture.

Fluorescent colors may not be the best choice.  You want to be the focal point of the pictures, not your shirt.

I am writing this article as a non-make-up-wearer, but there is a time and a place for make up.  A professional photo shoot is one of those times. Play up your eyes with eye shadow and mascara.  Natural lip color can stand out with a light gloss.  From a friend who loves make up, she suggests staying away from anything with SPF in it (it flashes back in pictures).

And stay away from blue eye shadow.  It looks great on you, but keep those pictures on your personal Facebook page.

Now the only thing to do is to sign up!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning there will be 5 sessions offered starting at 7 am and going until 8:40 am.  The speakers start at 9 am so this will give you time to find your seat and get settled.

Monday and Tuesday: 3 sessions will be offered during the lunch break between 1:00-2:00.

Monday and Tuesday: 4 sessions will be offered after the close of the speakers at 5pm until 6:30.

Impromptu session may be available prior to the cocktail party on Sunday evening.

Get ready to smile for the camera!

And if you didn’t click on Mike’s blog about why YOU NEED A HEAD SHOT, go back and do that now.







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