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Case Study: How You Can Rank in Google for the Keyword ‘Pet Sitting’

Are you looking to rank higher in Google results for a specific keyword?

Do you wonder why you may not be ranking at all for certain keywords?

I receive a variety of questions from pet sitters and this topic is quite possibly the most popular subject I am asked.  And, it’s one that I most enjoy speaking on.

SEO (search engine optimization), websites, and ranking in Google are all important conversations to have.

In a recent thread inside our Private Facebook group for PSO clients, pet sitter John Buttner of Specialized Pet Services in Omaha, Nebraska said he was having a difficult time ranking high in Google for certain keywords.

I asked which keywords and he wrote “The keywords would be pet sitting, dog boarding, pet sitter, doggie daycare, pet boarding, pet care.

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How To Keep Your Website Visitors Interested and Coming Back For More

Engage your audience

You know those certain people in your life that you can talk to forever?

Anytime you find yourself in dialogue with that person, you never run out of things to talk about, there are no awkward moments, and you feel connected, excited and rejuvenated.

That is the exact feeling you want each of your website visitors to experience.

But how do you make that happen when your job is to simply publish content on your site and hope for the best?

One way is to offer your users a variety of visual elements throughout your site pages for maximum connection.

Allow me to explain further.

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Life Is Short: How My Daughter Danica and Joel Osteen Keep My Business Thriving

Josh and Danica

You know that moment in your life when everything changes and absolutely nothing petty matters any longer?

The birth of my beautiful daughter, Danica, was that moment for me.

My 13-month old precious girl is now sufficiently walking.

(I know… I’ve been told (warned!) that life as I know it will never be the same!)

Watching lil Dani go from only able to lay on her back, to rolling over, to crawling, to scooting, to walking around holding the edge of a couch, to a full on confident stroll around the room is a spectacular miracle to watch.

As a proud father, it’s amazing to witness this progression unfold before your eyes.

She is able to pick toys up along the way as she walks and continue about her business.

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These Pet Sitters Will Be Joining Us in Vegas as Our Sponsor A Pet Sitter Winners

winner picOur 2nd Annual Pet Sitting Live Event and Conference is coming along nicer than I could have imagined – thanks, in part, to our incredible sponsors.

We created 2 programs this year to allow even more pet sitters to attend who otherwise could not because of financial restraint.

Personally, I created the Sponsor-A-Pet-Sitter program and the PetSittingOlogy Scholarship to help do all I can for those pet sitters who want to attend, but simply do not have the financial means at this time.

Plus, keep reading… we have great news for those pet sitters not selected who truly want to attend the conference, as our guest! (Watch video below.)

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Harness Lead May Be The Answer To Your Dog Walking Prayers

harness lead

You know when you see a product online and your first thought is, “How can this not already exist??”

Well, that’s what went through my head when my good friend, and pet sitting colleague, Tori Lattig of Endless Pawsibilities introduced me to Lisa Flynn, inventor of the Harness Lead.

As you’ll see, the Harness Lead is a 3-in-1 harness lead, slip lead, and collar lead, that can truly transform the way you walk dogs for a living.

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If You Do Not Find Excitement and Inspiration from this Video, Something Is Wrong

Google Hangout screenshot
Watch us on this Google Hangout chatting about how to grow your pet sitting business.

Every successful business owner understands that they need to learn from others.

Whether it’s in the form of following their journey and reading their work, or having a mentor, success rarely happens without some influence of others.

Marcus Sheridan is someone outside of our industry who I personally follow, learn from and admire.

More importantly, the main reason I’m so excited to bring Marcus into our industry is because the way he succeeded is something that pet sitters can replicate.

Marcus began as a pool guy. He owned a pool company that installed fiberglass pools to his local community. He’s a local small business provider.

And so are pet sitters. While looking bankruptcy in the face, Marcus changed directions and used his website as his biggest form of marketing and now his pool company makes over $4 million a year!

The nuggets he provides in this insightful video can and should be used by pet sitters starting today.

Grab a pen and paper and take notes. He discussed things you can take action on right now to make huge progress. (Some pet sitters already have!)

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Will This Pet Sitting Website Domain Name Hurt My SEO Rankings?

I love receiving email from pet sitters.

And I received a great question recently from pet sitter Laura Milholland who is just starting up her business.

She writes: Hello, I recently purchased your “Start a petsitting business in 45 days” program. I have had a really hard time finding a domain name that ends in .com. I currently own the domain ““. Is that going to really hurt my SEO? Should I scrap that name and try to find something else? Any advice would be very much appreciated!

Great question. And plenty of info to discuss on this topic.

So, I fired up the ol’ Web cam and gave my thoughts on the matter.

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Pet Sitter Phone Script Do’s and Don’ts [Video]

How many times do you hear on the phone with a potential pet sitting client “Whoa, that is too expensive?”

In this insightful video, Joshua Cary chats with Bella Vasta of Jump Consulting on exactly how she landed a new pet sitting client who initially thought, “You are too expensive!”

This objection is something we all hear (perhaps more often that we’d like) and it comes in all shapes and sizes:

Other versions of this frustration objection include:

  • I can’t afford that.
  • Let me talk to my husband.
  • I’m just shopping around.

These are all stalls. Stalls are ways that a caller will get you off the phone without making a commitment.

Objections, believe it or not, are expected, are normal and are all part of the process.

It now becomes the job of the pet sitter handling the phones to understand the true objection behind the words so you can overcome them and WIN a new client.

This video shows exactly how Bella has mastered that ability.

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A Rare Look For Pet Sitters Inside The Minds Of Your Clients [video]

How often do we as pet sitters get to be a fly on the wall and listen in on an actual gripe from a pet owner?

And how valuable would it be to hear what is currently bothering a client most about her pet sitter?

Well, through a friend of a friend, I got into a conversation with a woman about pet sitting in general and she decided to share this story with me.

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10 Elements On Your Pet Sitting Website That Will Bring In More Clients

How exciting would it be for you to have more email submissions from your pet sitting website and to have your phone ringing more often?

Some weeks back, I made available a document (link to the file is below) that highlighted the 10 elements from my own pet sitting website that have been responsible for bringing in more leads every day.

And, as you know, converting more of your website visitors into leads is the quickest way to grow your pet sitting business.

Surprisingly, the way to accomplish that is NOT to simply get more visitors to your site (because you could have a ton of visitors with no one choosing to get in touch with you!) but rather to understand exactly what inspires, encourages and entices your users to take action.

Learning what gets more of your current visitors to make contact with you is not done by accident.

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