Pet Sitting in Your Own Home: How to Prepare

This is a guest post written by Ashley Spade.

open doorFor the past few months, I’ve used the extra cash I earn from pet sitting to support myself and my dog, Sir Winston Pugsalot (known as Sir WP by friends and family).

I decided to start a pet sitting business as a way to make money on the side while I go to law school in Chicago. I started by mostly sitting for professors or other students, but soon branched out to nearby residents — even some in my own pet-friendly apartment building.

If you love pets, have a fairly flexible schedule, a place to pet sit, and clientele prospects, then you might consider starting your own pet sitting business.

And, obviously, the extra cash is a perk. Did I even need to mention that?

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Your Dog Is Fat: The Secret To Confronting A Client With Uncomfortable News

Here’s a wonderful question I received from a pet sitter.

It addresses something we all have to deal with at one time or another in our business: Confronting a client with an observation we think is not in the pet’s best interest.

Joshua, I have a question about how to handle a situation with a client.  The first time I sat for them in the spring, their dogs were healthy and large but not obese.

Sitting for them this past couple of days I’ve seen one dog extremely overweight and his collar was obviously too tight around his neck.

He coughs occasionally and I wonder if it’s the tightness of the collar. I loosened the collar one notch but he really needs a whole new collar to be comfortable. Also, it seems as if he is not getting the exercise he used to since the fat and skin flaps hanging from his collar just seem to me as cruel.

How do I tell this guy in the most tactful way possible about my concern for his dogs weight problem and snug collar? I’m not very good at delivering uncomfortable news and I’m asking you for some suggestions on how to approach this matter. I’d really appreciate anything you can give.

I really don’t want to loose this client.

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Day 15: Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center

Day 15

Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center, Long Island, NY


Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center, one of Long Island’s oldest no-kill shelters, is dedicated to saving all companion animals whose lives are in jeopardy. Through rescue from kill facilities, rehabilitation of sick and un-socialized pets, and a 100% spay/neuter program, Little Shelter hopes to end pet overpopulation and place all dogs and cats in loving homes. Located in Huntington, Little Shelter is the only animal organization outside New York City that is a member of the Mayor’s Alliance.

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Day 14: A Place To Bark

Day 14

A Place To Bark, Tennessee


A PLACE TO BARK is a no kill foster and adoption rescue dedicated to the welfare of animals and was founded by Bernie Berlin. Established in 2001, we mainly work with Animal Control Agencies, rescuing animals from high kill shelters and fostering them until they are healthy.

I run a full-time dog rescue, taking in the dogs that have been abandoned, abused or police confiscated. I foster, retrain, transport & adopt. Cats are also welcome at my rescue. I am drawn to the unwanted, unloved and misunderstood. Hoping to educate and effect change for the animals that do not have a voice of their own.

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Day 13: Fayetteville/Lincoln County Animal Shelter

Day 13

Fayetteville/Lincoln County Animal Shelter, Tennessee


We are the only Animal Shelter around in a 4 county area in a small rural town. Our Shelter is operated by the Humane Society of Lincoln County. We are dedicated to providing proper and humane treatment of all animals that come thru our doors. The Society was formed in 1985 by people distressed over the conditions at the local animal pound and concerned about the needs of orphaned, neglected and abused animals in the city and county.

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Day 11: Brew City Dog Rescue

Day 11

Brew City Dog Rescue, Milwaukee


Brew City Dog Rescue is a group of Milwaukee volunteers dedicated to finding loving homes for stray and abandoned dogs in the local area.

Many of the dogs we rescue are on “death row” (high risk for being put-down/euthanasia). Their only crime is that they do not have a loving family to care for them. We primarily receive dogs from local shelters and owner surrenders.

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Day 10: New Beginnings Cat and Dog Rescue

Day 10

New Beginnings Cat and Dog Rescue, St. Louis


Was created by “everyday-ordinary” folks trying to do whatever we can to alleviate suffering in the animals God places in our life’s path. We are small but earnest.

Our Motto: Rescue – Rehab – Expose – Inform – Adopt. Our goal is to prevent the euthanasia of any dog or cat that we are able by rescuing, placing in foster care to begin rehabilitation and physical care including veterinary, training and behavior modification needs.

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Day 9: Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County

Day 9

Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County, Indiana


My goals as your Animal Welfare League Executive Director are many, but a primary thread that weaves through all those goals of mine, includes a strong devotion to the animals in this shelter. I happen to like the word “shelter” for that is exactly what we hope to provide…a place of safety and shelter for the animals in our care. Our mission statement is important. I would like to share it with you. The MISSION of the Animal Welfare League is to provide first-class care for the animals in our charge and to challenge our community to do the same.

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