Pet Sitter Website 14-Day Challenge

pet sitter website challengeDo you find yourself completely lost and frustrated when it comes to improving your pet sitting website?

Are you confused about what to do next?

No worries, I get it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a wildly popular subject. There is plenty of good information out there and much, much more not so good information out there.

If you find yourself trying various techniques and still waiting for decent results, worry no more.

In the Pet Sitter Website 14-Day Challenge below, I reveal the comprehensive, easy to follow game plan that will radically increase the success of your marketing efforts.

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Pet Sitters: What You Can Learn From America’s Got Talent

black-boardHave you noticed the interesting phenomenon about the current season of America’s Got Talent?

As we approach the finals, it’s becoming more and more apparent.

America’s Got Talent is not about talent at all. Sure, the finalists certainly have talent, but the show is not actually about talent.

“What?!” you may be thinking. “But it’s got the word talent right in the title!”

Fair enough. So let’s back up for a second. It’s important to note that none other than Simon Cowell created the show. Mr. Cowell is certainly no stranger to producing compelling and exciting television shows.

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16 Steps To A Perfect Pet Sitting Job

perfect-heartAre you doing everything possible to assure an exceedingly positive experience for both you and your clients?

After all, the more you enjoy doing your job, the more your clients will return. And the more clients that return, well, you get the concept…

Imagine the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction you’ll obtain from not only doing a job well done, but also completing a thorough job well done.

You’ve covered all your bases, and life is good.

I’ve outlined 16 steps that will take you from the initial contact with the potential client all the way through your post-job follow up email.

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13 Best Places To Get Business Cards For Your Pet Sitting Business

pet-sitter-business-cardAt times, your pet sitting business card will be the first impression a potential client has with you.

It’s vital to your continued success that your card not only communicate your contact details but, more importantly, motivates that person to take action and get in touch with you.

If you find yourself handing out business cards – or leaving them on counters – with very few people following up, it may be time to reconsider your business card approach.

To increase your chances of contact being made, ask yourself if your business card is professional, unique and stands out.

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What Does Makeup Have To Do With Pet Sitting?

Part 2 of our ‘What Can We Really Learn From Celebrities?’ series

makeupWhat do the phrases “mineral eye color, ultimate mascara, satin hands, tinted lip balm, and TimeWise age-fighting moisturizer” mean to you?

If you’re anything like my wife, you certainly recognize them as make up. More specifically, however, they are all part of the Mary Kay cosmetics product line.

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Easy Two Step Online Marketing for Pet Sitters You Can Do Today

This is a guest post from Bob McClain of

online-marketingPet sitters and pet sitting firms should really consider using these two step online marketing techniques for driving more business to their website.

One of the biggest arguments I’ve heard against online marketing is that, “I only get business by word of mouth.” And that’s a legitimate statement.

However, let me pose another way to look at it. What if the only reason you “only” get business by word of mouth is because no one who is looking on the Internet for a pet sitter or pet sitting service can find your website? It’s a bit of a Catch 22.

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Hiring Pet Sitters? The 12 Most Fun, Direct and Eye-Opening Questions You Must Ask.

the-hiring-processHiring pet sitters to join your team can be a scary, frustrating and confusing process, to say the least.

It requires finding and bringing on the right people that you can trust 100%.

Since hiring the wrong pet sitter can prove disastrous, it is vital to put a strong hiring process in place.

This will make your life easier and save you much agony down the road.

When we need more qualified pet sitters to join the Alitia’s Animals team, we stick to a plan that’s worked very well for us.

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4 More Ways To Drive New Clients To Your Pet Sitting Business

Thanks to Bonnie Harris, founder of Wax Marketing, Inc., for this guest post!

pet-sitting-marketing-dosI’m a publicist who’s had the same pet sitter – and I’m not kidding you – for 18 years. My pet sitter has been ‘second mom’ to two generations of dogs in my household so I know how much of an impact your job can make on both the dog and the human’s quality of life!

Since pet sitting is a business that requires a strong level of trust, I don’t believe you’ll win tons of business merely from a good website presence or by leaving your business cards at the vet.

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