Our Very Best Of PetSittingOlogy From 2015 – The Top 10 Posts

best of petsitting blogsA lot has happened over the past 12 months both personally and professionally.

Personally, I’m beyond proud to have welcomed my son, Harrison Grant, to the world on May 28.

Professionally, I’m beyond lucky to have found our new PetSittingOlogy Communications Manager, Amy Mattison (click here to Friend her on Facebook and say hello!). https://www.facebook.com/amy.mattison.2

Titles are weird and I don’t think her title does her justice.  Simply put, Amy works 10-feet from me in our office and among many other things she manages our social media accounts, runs our Client Services division, and helps me remain sane, focused, and on track.

Something I’ve quickly learned while in the film industry is that it truly takes an extraordinary team around you to create, produce, and share anything of value.

Aside from Amy, 2015 has also brought me closer to our colleagues Laura Capra, Anthony Mucci, and Cindy Vet.  Much of what is listed below would not have been possible without them. Literally.

Here are our Top 10 Posts from 2015.  Feel free to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it throughout the year.

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I Heart the Pet Industry with Josh Cary: Podcast Episode 001

i heart the pet industry logo

If you know anything about me, you know I love technology. Even more to the point is that I love what’s utterly POSSIBLE when it comes to the creative use of technology.

In today’s day and age, if you can THINK it, you can MAKE IT HAPPEN. Quite frankly, anything is possible.

Officially Introducing ‘I Heart The Pet Industry with Josh Cary’ Podcast

I knew for quite some time that I’d want to create and produce an official weekly podcast for our industry. Over time, I jotted down thoughts, notes and ideas for the show as they would come to me.

I had the title for the show, the concept and theme for the show, and the cover art for the show.

I knew that I wanted it to feature passionate, hard-working and successful pet professionals. The idea behind the show is to discover how our professional colleagues are achieving success, as they define it.

The goal for each episode is to get an inside look at a pet business owner’s path, journey, and the actions they take so you can implement the same in your own business.

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Hop On Board The PSO Bus: Destination NAPPS 2016!

I-95 travel routePicture this: A luxurious and comfortable bus pulls into a roadside area along the East Coast’s 1-95 South. Inside the bus are a few dozen of your professional pet sitting colleagues who are making the journey together from New Jersey to sunny Orlando, Florida.

You recognize many smiling faces.

Some, you’ve had the great fortune to cross paths with in person at other industry events; while you feel like you’ve known the others forever from the virtual connections you’ve formed through the years.

You immediately feel the same sense of love, support, and wave of excitement that comes from attending a long-awaited family reunion.

You hop on the bus, settle into your seat, and the journey continues on its scheduled 2-day ride to Orlando, Florida.

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A Time To Give Thanks To Our Pet Professional Community

thank you to pet services industry

Danica and I were recently enjoying an episode of Sid the Science Kid together.

A joke was told that can serve as a great lesson to all professional pet care providers.

This is the joke:

What do you give a 900-pound gorilla for his birthday? I don’t know, but you better hope he likes it!

It’s cute for a child and can serve as an important reminder for business owners like us who offer a local service to our community.

This joke makes two assumptions.

1. The gorilla better like the gift you choose to get him for his birthday, or else…

2. The gorilla is grumpy and picky (“he better like it”) and might retaliate if he deems the gift unacceptable.

So what does this very analytical approach to a seemingly innocent joke tell us?

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Marcus Sheridan Unplugged: How to Differentiate Yourself and Achieve Success [Video]

Have you ever wondered how you can differentiate yourself as a pet sitter?

If so, you’re in for a real treat! Our guest for today’s episode, Marcus Sheridan, shares his own journey of differentiating himself as a standout in the pool industry and eventually, as a marketing genius.

Marcus Sheridan is perhaps best known to folks as founder of the popular sales and marketing blog, The Sales Lion. He started his career as founder and CEO of River Pools, where he developed one of the most educational blogs in the entire pool industry.

Marcus says you have to trust people, and build trust with others in order to succeed in business. However, that doesn’t mean putting your head in the sand either, as he was to find out later in a tough lesson.

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How To Come Up With Topics and Ideas for Your Pet Blog Posts: Take The Challenge!

blog topic ideas

Coming up with blog topics to write about is easy once you have the right “ingredients”. This article will hand you the tools to come up with dozens of new article topics and ideas you can write about.

What is the number one reason you are not writing blog post articles for your pet business website?

Do you feel that you are “not a good writer?”  Do you wonder where you might find the time?  Are you unsure of the proper blog post format?

While those are all valid thoughts, you are going to receive an abundance of help today when it comes to topic selection.

When we ask people if they are writing articles for their audience, one of the most common answers is:

“I would but I don’t know what to write about”.

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Case Study: How You Can Rank in Google for the Keyword ‘Pet Sitting’

Are you looking to rank higher in Google results for a specific keyword?

Do you wonder why you may not be ranking at all for certain keywords?

I receive a variety of questions from pet sitters and this topic is quite possibly the most popular subject I am asked.  And, it’s one that I most enjoy speaking on.

SEO (search engine optimization), websites, and ranking in Google are all important conversations to have.

In a recent thread inside our Private Facebook group for PSO clients, pet sitter John Buttner of Specialized Pet Services in Omaha, Nebraska said he was having a difficult time ranking high in Google for certain keywords.

I asked which keywords and he wrote “The keywords would be pet sitting, dog boarding, pet sitter, doggie daycare, pet boarding, pet care.

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How Exactly is a Pet Sitter Website from PetSittingOlogy SEO Optimized?

Wheels and Spokes image

There are many moving parts to an effective, SEO-ready website that consistently ranks high in Google and inspires more of your visitors to take action and make contact with you.

When you choose to have a website built with PetSittingOlogy, you receive a fully done-for-you, WordPress-powered, SEO-ready, mobile-friendly and ready to go website.

We take pride in the sites we build for the industry, because we have found them to work well.  And by “work well” we mean that they are carefully crafted both behind the scenes and on the front pages to make Google happy and to make your ideal clients happy.

So, how exactly do we achieve a website that works well for you?

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