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How to Create The Perfect Blog Post in 8 Steps [Checklist]

write pretty blog postsIt’s amazing to see so many pet sitters beginning to understand the value of writing plenty of content on their websites.

If you do not like writing, it may become a necessary evil that you’ll have to come to terms with, as more and more of your potential clients will hop online to search for your service.

A pet owner will pull up Google, type in an appropriate search term, and what websites are going to be shown near the top of that first page?

The websites that Google has discovered to be relevant and informative to the search users query. This no longer happens by simply placing a set of keywords somewhere on the page or in the meta tags.

While you still need to consider those SEO actions, you will be left behind if you do not begin to understand the value of content creation (also known as blogging or writing articles).

Don’t believe me? Then take it from Google themselves:

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7 Examples of Pet Sitter Websites That Perfectly Connect With Visitors

connect with your website visitorsIs your pet sitting website your biggest and best marketing tool?

Is it paying off or is it sucking the life out of your business?

Just like with any other marketing tool, you need to see a good return on your investment in order for it to be working.

Put a price tag on the time alone you’ve devoted to your site and decide if it’s working with you or against you.

A pet sitting website that works is one that ranks well in the search engines and, perhaps more importantly, converts your visitors into happy clients.

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How to Get Your Happy Pet Business Clients to Leave A Google Review [Video]

NOTE: We’ve found a great new free tool that will help get you more Google reviews! Keep reading and watch the short video below.

When it comes to your pet sitting business website, we all have the same goal:

To rank high on Page 1 of Google for your chosen keywords when a potential client is searching for the service you provide.

But how exactly can you assure that happens more frequently?

It all comes down to the Google Algorithm. That’s a fancy term for Google’s 200-point checklist they use to determine where your website will rank for each search term.

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Stop Doing These 3 Things on Your Pet Website

form a connection

Do you find it frustrating and confusing to keep up with all the things you should be doing to rank high on Google’s first page?

How often do you wonder what those other pet sitting websites are doing that you are not doing?

If you’re like most other business owners, you want to do all you can to land new clients.

But did you know that landing in Google is just one small part of the puzzle?

While it’s a very important piece since not much activity will take place without that, it’s equally as important to get your visitors to take action once they are on your site.

If you rank well in the search engines but nobody makes contact once they are on your site, it’s still a loss.

Here are some things you should stop doing on your pet sitting website that will increase the chances a visitor likes what she sees and gets in touch with you.

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Google Analytics for Pet Sitters Explained: The 5 Sections You Need To Watch

Analytics graph image

If you do not know Google Analytics, you do not know SEO.

When people talk about SEO (search engine optimization) rarely, if ever, are they talking about Google Analytics. Why is that?

It’s extremely important to begin the discussion with this fact:

SEO is not about keywords. SEO is not about meta tags.

SEO is about creating a wonderful user experience for every visitor who lands on your website.

Yes, you need to consider keywords. Yes, you need to implement proper meta tags.

But those are simply the means to the end. And that’s only a small fraction of the whole.

The bigger picture you’ll need to consider is HOW each visitor interacts with your pages and WHAT each is doing throughout your site.

You can determine that complete picture by understanding your Google Analytics reports.

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Workshop Training: How To Fill Your Pet Business with Your Ideal Clients Every Time

heart as a flame

What if you could easily give your potential clients exactly what they were hoping to discover on your website even before they arrived?

Here’s what I mean… I love magic. I’m a big fan of all kinds of card tricks.

You know those card tricks where you “pick a card, pick any card” and after a bit of story from the magician, your card amazingly appears in the most least expected of places?

Obviously, we are not dealing with any supernatural work at play. We are dealing with a person (the magician) who used years of practice and technique to give you the exact end result you were looking for (your card appearing).

It was rehearsed and deliberate.

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How to Create the Perfect About Us Page to Gain More Happy Clients [Audio Broadcast]

about us photo
Discover exactly why your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website.

You already know how important your entire website is in regards to your overall marketing efforts, right?

You also know I spend plenty of time teaching you about blog posts, articles, landing in Google, optimizing your web pages and more.

But how often do we speak about the importance of your About Us page? (Listen to the complete audio broadcast on this page.)

Did you realize that your About Us page is in fact one of the most important pages on your entire website?

Why is that? It’s one of the few places your website users can connect with and learn about YOU!

(You know, the person they will hire.)

This word is worth repeating: Connection. As with most anything we do in life, we are drawn to the people most like ourselves.

Whether it’s in a business partnership, friendship, or romantic relationship, we seek others similar to ourselves.

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Make Your WordPress Website More Secure With This One Easy Change

secure your WordPress website

How much do you rely on your website to keep your business successful?

And what would happen if an evil person hacked into your pet sitting website and made it inaccessible?

You and I both view our websites as vital to the health of our business. Keeping it healthy and online is a requirement, at the bare minimum.

Having a WordPress-powered website is one of the smartest things you can do to help your business grow (for reasons I’ll spell out in another article).

But with any website, security is a daily responsibility. For those using my WordPress-powered SEO Template, you do not need to worry about security or the change spelled out in the video below.

We have several daily actions in place that keep your site, and the server, safe and secure.

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How to Make Certain What’s Obvious to you is also Obvious to your Website Visitors.

silica gel packet says do not eatMy wife brought home from the supermarket one of those raw crunchy kale snacks (I’m starting to love kale).

And surprisingly, inside I saw one of those silica gel packs apparently there to keep it fresh.

You may have typically seen these gel packs in things like beef jerkey, vitamin bottles, and boxes of new shoes.

And no matter where you find them including this kale treat, it has the words printed on the gel pack: Do Not Eat.

Each time I see those words I chuckle as I think who in the world would eat this? Isn’t it obvious…?

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Want More Clients? Google Can Help in 2014.

An OstrichChances are you know the name Marcus Sheridan (The Sales Lion).

I have spoken about him plenty, have done a Google Hangout with him (and Bella Vasta), and he was our keynote speaker at both PetSittingOlogy Conferences in 2012 and 2013.

(And rumor has it, he will be along for the ride at our 3rd conference in October 2014.)

Much of what Marcus teaches is insightful, informative and spot on.

Here is one point he likes to make in his presentation.

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