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Workshop Training: How To Fill Your Pet Business with Your Ideal Clients Every Time

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What if you could easily give your potential clients exactly what they were hoping to discover on your website even before they arrived?

Here’s what I mean… I love magic. I’m a big fan of all kinds of card tricks.

You know those card tricks where you “pick a card, pick any card” and after a bit of story from the magician, your card amazingly appears in the most least expected of places?

Obviously, we are not dealing with any supernatural work at play. We are dealing with a person (the magician) who used years of practice and technique to give you the exact end result you were looking for (your card appearing).

It was rehearsed and deliberate.

And what happens after you see an impressive and often ‘crazy’ card trick? You want to run and tell all your friends that they have to see this, right!

(Starting to see a correlation between that response and the best response you’d want from all your clients?)

Let’s see how you can approach your website pages in the exact same way that a professional magician does so you too can WOW and amaze your visitors.

Keep this in mind: What you’ll find here is that the reason we want to amaze your visitors is so each one feels connected, involved, amazed, and excited about YOUR service. Only then will they run to hire you.

Let’s begin by discovering what your current clients are already telling you.

I speak a lot about how ‘like attracts like’ and the importance of connecting with your visitors.

As humans, we naturally gravitate towards those we get, understand, and feel are most like ourselves.

If I am looking online to hire a pet sitter to walk my dog during the afternoon, whether consciously or sub-consciously, I am going to gravitate towards those websites that “feel” right. You know instantly whether you like and appreciate a web page, or feel like looking elsewhere.

It begins with a feeling.

Once you determine you want to investigate a bit further, you’ll look around, read some text on the page and evaluate if it “speaks” your language.

Do the words resonate? Do they hit emotional buttons with you? These are things you want to happen on your own pet sitting website.

So, how can you use the language that is most like the language your ideal client would be using?

Don’t overlook the actual emails you are sent every day.

Real Life Example #1

Here’s a real example we recently received:

Let’s break this down to show how you could use this on your very own website.

pet sitting email submission example 1

See all those highlighted areas?

Those are the parts that will make perfect use in our page content. Remember, if one person speaks a certain way, chances are others in your target market do, also. Plus, all this continues to help greatly on your road with SEO.

In this example, you can create a brand new page or blog post. Your actual implementation will vary on your current website set up and navigation.

*Beginning of Example Content*

Headline: Are You Looking For A Dependable Dog Sitter When You Go Out of Town?

Sub-headline: Now you can finally give your pooch the consistency deserved during your absence!

Body Content: Whether you are owned by a sweet adorable Boston Terrier named Edie, or an incredibly handsome Bullmastiff named Rex, you can count on us.

By becoming our next happy lifelong client, you receive every bit of our 7 years of professional pet sitting and dog walking experience.

We Understand Dog.

If there is one thing we take pride in, it’s our knowledge and understanding of the canine breed. Consistency, exercise, and diet keep your pooch smiling in your company, and when you must leave town without Fido, we handle the rest.

[Go on here to describe your knowledge and understanding of the importance of consistency in a dog’s day. Tell a story about a specific dog in your care and how consistency, diet, and/or exercise was vitally important.]

Begin Your Travel Journey Worry-Free.

Woo-hoo! Pack ‘yer bags!

It’s time to take that much needed break, and focus on your upcoming trip.

The last thing you need is added stress or aggrevation in setting up care for your dog.

Allow us to make this process as easy, simple, and a no-brainer as possible.

Your Guided Checklist.

Over the years, we have found it extremely valuable to our neighbors to spell out how this process works.

(Remember, the goal is to have you headed out of town with a clear head and no worries.)

Here is a short run down on how everything works with us…

1 – Give us a call, or send us a note using the form on the right so we can get the ball rolling.

2 – During our first phone chat (approximately 20-30 minutes), we learn as much about you as you learn about us.

3 – This is our only chance to WOW you. We need to gain your trust. This is not a job we take lightly and we have several thigns in place to assure your pooch, home, valuables, property, and belongings are kept safe and sound.

4 – In the coming days, it’s our pleasure to meet you and Fido in person through our complimentary meet-n-greet.

[Take this moment to detail what happens on the meet-n-greet, what the pet parent should expect, what she needs to prepare, and point out WHY these things need to happen. For example, “this is why we ask for two sets of keys…” “this is how payment is handled…” “this is how we match you with the most perfect dog walker for your pooch…” “this is why we need your Vet’s info…”]

5 – Finally, while you are away, upon your initial request, you will receive photos and text updates… etc.

Give Us A Call Right Now, and Meet Your Wonderful Dog Walker Tomorrow!

And enjoy your trip. We got you covered here!

*End of Example Content*

See how we used the actual words from the email throughout the page content? This assures you will connect with more of your visitors by using the same language they recognize.

Real Life Example #2

Here are two more real example screenshots received so you can further practice converting an email into the perfect page content that your ideal clients would love to see.

What content would you create to focus on this submission?

pet sitting email submission example 2

You can begin with a page or post that is just for those that experience cat allergies and need to do something when visitors are in town.

You might even include some tips you’ve learned along the way to relieve cat allergies and/or help prevent them.

Share your first hand stories!

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And one more example for the road…

Real Life Example #3

Finally, here is a third example to show you how this works.

pet sitting email submission example 3

How amazing and insightful is this submission?

Now you would create yet another page or post speaking to those cat parents who feel like their cat spends all day under the bed and will never be seen.

Great. This is no issue for you as the professional pet sitter you are!

By addressing this, you will be speaking directly to all those cat lovers who have a cat just like that.

Create a piece of content that shows how much you understand the needs of cats. (And, again, share your personal stories!)

*Beginning of Example Content*

Headline: Do you have one of those feline kitties that appreciate time under the bed more than on top of the bed?

Body Content: You’re not alone. A good portion of our cat clients are in the same boat. And as you know, just because ‘Mittens’ is tucked away under the bed doesn’t mean she can’t get some good ol fashioned lovin’!

How? Did you know cats get lonely if they do not hear the soothing and reassuring sound of a human’s voice?

Luckily, we love to talk! When you hire us, you’ll get a cat sitter who can chatter, banter, and yap with the best of them!

Don’t believe me? Pick up the phone right now and say hello… We’ll take care of the rest!

*End of Example Content*

Look at that, you’ve even left off with a perfect call to action.

Simply add more of your insight and stories to the mix and you’ve got the perfect new piece of content that will resonate with your visitors.

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Over To You

There you have it. To recap, the biggest reason this approach works to fill your business with your ideal clients is because you are speaking their language.

And when we come across someone who we feel gets us, understands us, and can relate to us, we want to work with that person.

By understanding the needs, wants, and concerns of your ideal client through the emails they send, you are addressing their exact desire in a way that says, “I get it. I understand. I have been there, too.”

So, what do you think? Does this give you a new angle to work with? Can you see how this will improve the number of clients who connect with you? Feel free to leave a comment below with an email submission you received and together we can turn it into a perfect post.

Also, if you like, appreciate and want more of this type of content, let me know that, too.

*Would YOU like us to work on your Website?*

If you are looking to dramatically improve your website results by appearing on the front page of Google (like we have done for hundreds of your professional pet industry colleagues), then review the options here and let's compare notes!

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Josh Cary is a respected and well sought-after speaker and business consultant within the professional pet care industry. Since 2009, having grown his own pet sitting business, Josh provides his industry with the tools, support, and resources to build and maintain a thriving and respected pet business.

With a strong focus on digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and website development, Josh’s one mission is to help you Get Found First through a professional and effective website.

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  1. This is great! I never considered taking content from the many emails we get to build posts for our website. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks for saying so, Teresa! I’m happy to know it resonates with you. As you’ll see, if you go back through your past email submissions, you will be handed plenty of new content to add to your pages. There goes the “I don’t know what to write about” issue 🙂 Talk to you soon.

    1. LOL, you got it, Joanne! I appreciate your input and will certainly write more about… writing! It’s funny since I’ve loved all aspects of writing for many years now, but do not find myself writing on the actual topic of writing here. Coming up!

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