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Dreams outside of the pet sitting industry

The Absolute Importance of Having Dreams Outside of Our Professional Industry

Our amazing Sarah Burns (owner of Menly’s Pet Care in Michigan) shares a wonderful story about the power of dreams.

Do you still dream?  What are your dreams?

And I’m not talking about the dreams in your sleep where you find yourself inching towards the top of the hill on the scariest roller coaster and you quickly realize that the lap belt to keep you secure is not locked into place.

I’m talking about your life dreams.

I had a small, personal revelation recently that I had stopped dreaming and didn’t even realize it!

Starting a pet sitting business is a dream in itself, right? We get to be our own boss, we get to run our own company, we get to be with animals everyday; it truly is our dream come true and that’s why we do it!

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control the taxes in your pet business

How to Gain Control of Taxes in Your Pet Business Without Letting Them Get Out of Hand

I’m pretty certain even hearing the word ‘taxes’ sends a knot through your stomach.  No matter your relationship with personal and business taxes, it seems like it’s a never ending thing that continues to pop up.

Once we learn to adjust our thinking around it and set a legitimate plan in place, you can absolutely develop a new feeling around the topic.

Our very own Sarah Burns (owner of Menly’s Pet Care in Michigan) truthfully shares her own experience with business taxes.

Taxes. Everyone’s favorite topic, am I right?!

When I started my business I was so excited about creating a brand and the pet sitting itself that I didn’t give much thought to the financial side. Not to mention the fact that I was 19 when I started my business!

I may have been mature enough to start my business but there was still a lot I needed to learn. So I learned the basics (very basics) but didn’t think much about taxes at all.

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