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Pet Sitter Spotlight: Kristin Watson of Kristin’s K9 & Cat Care

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This is Day 7 of our spotlight on 15 Professional Pet Sitters.

One of the greatest things I love most about helping pet sitting business owners is the fact that no two are operated quite the same.

The professional pet sitter can choose what services to offer, what specific policies to put in place, and how big she wishes to grow.

At some point in time, the question of “Should I bring on some help?” pops into the mind of the business owner.

And while plenty choose to bring on qualified staff to keep things in line with the overall business goals, many pet sitters remain a one-person show.

This is the story of what it’s like to be a solo pet sitter.

Today’s pet sitter spotlight is on Kristin Watson of Kristin’s K9 & Cat Care serving the Bonham Texas and surrounding areas.

A Day In The Life Of A Solo Pet Sitter

Kristin Watson photoI would like to share just ONE of my experiences as a pet sitter.

In case one wonders what it means to be a Full time-Sole Proprietor

Sunday Afternoon

  • Arrive at Client’s home to take care of 3 Dogs and 2 Horses (photo below)
  • Let 3 dogs out of their kennels inside Master bedroom and take them to yard for potty and playtime
  • While dogs are outside, I go inside to clean & disinfect kennel full of urine and feces.
  • I walk to barn and muck 2 stalls. It has rained all day, thank God for Muck boots
  • Fill trough with water and 2 buckets inside stalls with water too.
  • Say Hello to horses and give them some TLC
  • Walk back to home and let dogs inside.
  • Play with dogs inside with their ropes
  • Let dogs in, let dogs out, let dogs in, let dogs out, let dogs in, let dogs out let dogs in, let dogs out, let dogs in, let dogs out
  • Feeding time… Feed 3 dogs and watch as they finish for food aggression.
  • Replenish their water.
  • Let dogs out in yard after done feeding.
  • Walk to barn and feed horses.
  • Fasten gates for the night to keep horses in barn.
  • Walk back to home and let dogs inside.
  • Try to check email for business related items, new clients, questions and scheduling, complete Clients invoice and interrupted by one dog who has attention deficit disorder
  • Take dogs outside to play some more, try and wear down energy levels
  • Come inside with dogs and see if there may be a Holiday movie on t.v. Found a movie, see if dogs might relax for a bit, and they do
  • Time for bed… Let dogs out one more time.
  • Night night for me. Take some Ibuprofen and try to sleep
  • 2 dogs trying to sleep in their kennels, but 1 dog howls and howls
  • Let howling dog outside again, and put her in kennel. She whines herself to sleep.
  • Wake up with little sleep and do it all over again for 3 more days.

This job is HARD at times, but I would not change it for the world.

God has blessed me with my business, and I am so thankful.

Kristin Watson caring for pets
Kristin Watson caring for pets

Over to You

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Does this ‘day in the life’ resemble you day-to-day business activity? Which parts can you relate to?

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  1. Kristin we do put in long days and work 7 days a week but in the end it is all worth it. I had to laugh when I got to this line. I mostly board and this pretty much sums up my day. Thanks for sharing.
    Let dogs in, let dogs out, let dogs in, let dogs out, let dogs in, let dogs out let dogs in, let dogs out, let dogs in, let dogs out

  2. Kristin, that was too funny, “let dogs in, let dogs out….” Thank you for sharing a-day-in-the-life of a sole proprietor!

  3. Just like with pets & their people, our industry isn’t one size fits all. Growing with staff is NOT always the answer for everyone. Thanks for showing us what your day looks like as a solo sitter.

  4. Who let the dogs out? You did, Kristin!!! That should be your theme ditty! LOL!!! And you did a DOGGONE good job!!! Props to you for doing everything single-handedly! 😀 I go the solo route too, but nowhere close to what you have to do! Let dogs in, let dogs out, ad infinitum. Sounds a lot like my life, too! LOL!

  5. I enjoyed reading this as I am mostly solo (had 2 IC’s last year but they left to do their own thing). Yes, it is hard work, but as long as we keep our sense of humor and remember why we’re doing this, it’s all good. And yes, if you are solo you are definitely doing this more for love of animals than $$

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