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Get A Boost In Google Search Results Without Lifting A Finger

So how exactly can you get a boost in your Google rankings without lifting a finger?

Simply by making your website ‘secure’.  Yep, we are talking about SSL Certificates.

Not sure what that is?  Not to worry, we have you covered.  In this article you’ll completely understand WHAT an SSL certificate is, HOW it works, and WHY you absolutely need one going forward.

When it comes to SEO, you already know a variety of things influence your rankings in Google search results, right?

These things include your website content, meta tags, and user experience.

But did you know Google has announced the value of and need for a “secure” website through an SSL Certificate?

= = Wait, What Exactly is an SSL Certificate? = =

Every website you visit is either secure or it’s not secure. You can instantly tell whether a web page you are visiting is secure or not by looking near the top of the browser window where you see the web address.

This is an example of both a secure web page and one that is not secure:

secure login screen insecure SSL certificate


You would expect the websites where you provide personal information to be secure, right?

These include sites like your online banking and travel sites, even your Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, and pet sitting software websites.

You’ll see the big green padlock on all those web pages on both desktop and mobile devices. It means that any information you exchange is secure and can not be intercepted by a hacker or malicious script trying to steal your information.

= = Why do I Need an SSL Certificate on my Pet Sitting Website = =

Just like you expect your personal and private information to be secure on the websites you visit, so do all of your pet sitting website visitors.

For this reason, Google now strives for “a more secure Internet.”

Google has cautioned site owners that, at the end of this year, Chrome will mark sites without HTTPS as non-secure if they collect sensitive information like passwords and credit cards.

“Enabling HTTPS on your whole site is important, but if your site collects passwords, payment info, or any other personal information, it’s critical to use HTTPS.”


Even personal information sent through your pet website’s contact form needs to be secure. And your own username and password you use when you log into your WordPress admin dashboard needs to be secure.

Every page on your website will benefit from a secure SSL Certificate.

= = What is an SSL Certificate? = =

In simple terms, an SSL Certificate is what you order and install on your website to encrypt all personal information that is being sent and received through your web pages.

A properly installed and configured SSL Certificate will give you that coveted green padlock and keep Google and your users happy.

We’ve already begun installing these SSL Certificates on many of our client websites!

green padlock from ssl certificate

You can also see it in the browser of this very website you are on right now.

Want Us to Order, Install, and Set up Your Own SSL Certificate?

Order Your SSL Certificate Today and Receive:

==> A permanent SSL Certificate properly installed and configured on your website.

==> The coveted green padlock in the browser window for your web pages on both desktop and mobile devices.

==> Increased confidence from each potential client who visits your website.

==> Greater confidence and excitement from YOU that your website is always properly cared for by Josh Cary and the PSO Crew!

==> Automatic annual renewal of your SSL Certificate with low annual fee.

CURRENT WEBSITE CLIENTS of ours may immediately order right now:

{YES! Order My Certificate and Make My Site More Secure}

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Total Investment: Only $99 today, then $36 per year beginning next year!

We handle everything for you, and your site will be secure within 1-3 business days from order date.

NOT A CLIENT OF OURS? No problem. Please contact us prior to ordering with your website address so we may evaluate your website platform and settings first.

= = FAQ = =

Q: What’s involved in the process?

A: From your point of view, absolutely nothing. Simply place your order and we get to work behind the scenes ordering, configuring, and installing your certificate. You simply go about your business.

Q: How do the links on my website change?

A: Once you have a properly installed certificate, your website will go from http:// (non-secure) to https:// (secure, with the S in that part of the web address). We make certain that all your links are changed to the secure version as per Google’s best practices.

Any non-secure link (http://) will instantly and automatically route to the secure version of your website (https://).

Q: Will my visitors or I notice any other change with the way my website looks or functions?

A: Absolutely not. This process is completely handled behind the scenes and there will be no change to the way users interact with your site. Except for the increased confidence when they see the secure green padlock.

Q: How long does this process take to complete?

A: From when you place your order, your website will be secure with a properly installed SSL Certificate within 1-3 business days.

Questions, Thoughts?

I’m happy to continue this dialogue and answer any questions you may have on this topic.  Leave your comments below please.

*Would YOU like us to work on your Website?*

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Josh Cary is a respected and well sought-after speaker and business consultant within the professional pet care industry. Since 2009, having grown his own pet sitting business, Josh provides his industry with the tools, support, and resources to build and maintain a thriving and respected pet business.

With a strong focus on digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and website development, Josh’s one mission is to help you Get Found First through a professional and effective website.

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