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How Being Specific In Your Blog Topics Can Help You Reach Your Target Audience


There are a lot of pieces that go into writing a blog.

I feel the most important one – above the writing of it, above worrying about word count – is your topic.

A lot of bloggers get stuck on “but I don’t know what to write about!”.

We’re going to help you with that today!

Blogging is all about answering questions.

The first step is identifying questions that your target audience is seeking the answers for.

We are going to use the specific example of cats today.  Pretend (and maybe you don’t have to pretend), that you are actively looking for new cat clients.

How can you target your blogging to reach as many cat owners as possible?

You will not do it by writing about dog parks in your area.
You may do it by writing about why having a pet sitter is important.

You will do it by writing specifically about why having a pet sitter is important for my cat.

Key words: “my” and “cat”.  Cat owners don’t really care about your experience with other animals.  They care about your experience with cats.

If I am a vegetarian and I go into a restaurant, I don’t care about anything on the menu with meat in it.  It could be the best tasting burger in the world and I’m going to skip over it.  Because it doesn’t matter to me.  Not even remotely and it would be a waste of time for the waiter to try to sell me on the burger.

Write about what matters to a specific client!

Here are 10 blog topics specific to cats:

I’m Going Out Of Town, How Long Can My Cat Be Alone?

We’ve all gotten asked “can you check on my cat every third day when I’m gone for the month of July?”.  This article should be about why cats need a visit every day.

The title could be “5 Reasons Cats Need A Visit Every Day”, but you want to think like your audience and what they will be putting into the Google search box.  They probably don’t know what “visit” means if they’ve never used a pet sitter. That would be a good sub title within your blog.

Litter box topics.  Ahh….the litter box.  Such a love hate relationship.

Clumping, Non-Clumping, Flushable – What Is The Difference Between Cat Litters?
My Cat Refuses To Use The Litter Box – Medical Issues That Could Be Wrong
My Cat Refuses To Use The Litter Box – Behavioral Issues That Could Be Wrong

How Do I Train My Kitten To Use The Litter Box?

Yes, I know that cats “usually” instinctively use the litter box with little to no training involved.  But there are ways you can set your cat up for success such as placing it in a quiet room in the house, having multiple boxes etc.  That’s what you’ll write about in this article.

What Kind Of Litter Box Should I Get For My Cat?

There are boxes with lids, automatic scooping boxes, low sided, high sided….talk about the pros and cons of each.  For example, a low sided box may be better for an older cat that may not be able to step over a high sided box.  If you have a cat that paws in the litter and gets it all over the room, a box with a lid on it may be the best option.

Why Is My Cat Drinking A Lot Of Water?  It Could Be A Sign Of Diabetes.

When you write about medical issues in cats (or any animal really), think about it from your audience’s perspective.  As a pet professional we know that excessive thirst is a common symptom of diabetes.  The general cat owner probably doesn’t know that though and will not be searching for “I think my cat has diabetes”.

My Cat Stopped Grooming Himself, What Could Be Wrong?
I Am Finding A Lot Of Hairballs, Is Something Wrong With My Cat?
My Cat Started Peeing Everywhere, Could He Have A Urinary Tract Infection?

Your audience will most likely be searching for the symptom their cat is experiencing, not diabetes or UTI’s in cats.  Because they don’t know what they don’t know.

This is how blogging educates your audience and builds your value as an experienced cat sitter that will ensure the utmost care and concern for their cat.

I know that makes 10 topics but I can’t resist talking about more!

Spring is just about here and you know what that means – kitten season!  A lot of shelters become overrun with kittens and it is a good time to reach out to new kitten owners to help them welcome their new friend into their home.

Where Can I Adopt A Kitten In *insert your town*

This article can be about your local shelter, how much it costs to adopt a kitten, what the process is, and even a mention about how older cats need homes too!

Getting A New Kitten?  5 Ways To Kitten-Proof Your Home!
How To Safely Introduce A New Kitten To Your Current Cat
How To Safely Introduce A New Kitten To Your Dog
How To Play With Your Kitten – They Don’t Sleep All Day!
I’m Getting A New Kitten, What Should I Feed It?

I’m Getting A New Kitten, What Vaccinations Do I Need To Get?

This topic is a great way to network with a vet!  Call and ask to talk to the vet about the first few checkups that kittens need and why.  Include a link to their clinic in your article, send the article to them so they can share it on their social media sites.

Another topic to talk to the vet about is declawing.  A hot topic for sure and it is important to educate people about the dangers and problems associated with declawing cats.

Should I Declaw My Cat?  NO! Here Are 5 Reasons Why.
5 Medical Issues Directly Related To Declawing Your Cat
5 Behavioral Issues Directly Related To Declawing Your Cat
Why Do Cats Claw Things?  They Are Not Tearing Up Your Sofa For Fun

Cat Claw Tips – Do They Really Work?

Do a review on cat claw tips.  You don’t have to have a 500 word blog to have it be useful to your audience!  Sometimes short and sweet is what they are looking for!  (And you never want to ramble anyway, no matter the topic or length of your article).

Cat Behavior – What Does It Mean When My Cat Paws At My Face At 4 am?

Seriously, I can’t stop thinking of cat specific topics!  Share your ideas in the comments sections and share the blogs you write!  We love seeing articles from the PSO team!

Thanks to Michael Bagley Photography for use of the photo.

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  1. Great post – it’s so true, being specific speaks to your readers’ exact needs. Specific topics also have less competition in google searches – my blog post on “transitioning from potty pads to outside” gets a ton of google traffic even though I rarely promoted it, because it’s such a specific topic, yet still a question that many dog owners need answered.

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