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Which Of The 3 “Buying Stages” Is Your Audience In?

marketing in the pet industry

Do you know where, in the process of purchasing your services, a potential client is?

Do they know about pet sitting?  Or are they already sold on a pet sitter and they are looking for the right fit?

The way each of the above people find your site is completely different

If you are not getting the traction you want/expect out of your blogs, maybe you need to look at the 3 different buying stages your visitors are in. You’ll want to write articles focusing on each stage.

Stage 1
They have no idea that pet sitting and dog walking exists.

In this stage, there is no way they are going to put “pet sitter in Whoville” into the Google search box.  How could they?  They don’t know it is an option that is available.

So if someone doesn’t know your are there, how are they going to find you?

Think about different things in your area that they could be doing with their pets.  Pet expos in town, places to hike with your dog, dog parks in town; things like that.  Vets that specialize in cats would be another good topic if you focus on cat sitting.

Write about the different places to volunteer with animals in your town.  Interview the animal shelter!

People in this stage are also where writing about different health issues is helpful.

I had a seizure dog, Boomer, and after his first seizure I spent quite a lot of time on the Internet doing research.

If I had come across a pet sitters site that gave me the information I was looking for, had a blog about their personal experience with seizure dogs – even though at the time I was not looking for a pet sitter, who do you think I would have called to watch my dog?!?  And who would I be remembering for when I do need a pet sitter?!?

People who don’t know about you (yet!) have problems that you can help them with!

That is your focus for the potential clients who are in Stage 1.

  Stage 2:
They have heard about in home pet sitting and dog walking but they are not really sure how it works.

Educational blogs are the focus for this stage of buyers.

It is your job to educate them on the benefits of pet sitting.

Why cats need every day visits and not every 3rd day, why dogs need to be walked on a regular basis, what services you provide, why you are better than a kennel etc.

Start with the very basics that may seem common knowledge to you.  It’s not common knowledge to everyone!

How Does It Work – I’ve Never Used A Pet Sitter or Dog Walker Before.

This could be an step by step article explaining what you do when you meet a new client.

You do it all of the time, just put it in writing and BAM – there’s your article.

Think about it like following a recipe in a cookbook.  You could even do a similar format.

Ingredients:   Do you have them fill out an online form first?  Talk on the phone to get details?  Meet them and their pets in person?  Touch base closer to time of service?  Will they receive an invoice or pay in advance?  Will you send text updates?  Do they need to check in to confirm they are home?

Stage 3:
They know about our profession and they want the services you provide.

All of the above articles I’ve mentioned can be helpful to people who are sold on your services before they call you.

But buyers in this stage want to form a personal connection with the pet sitter they choose.  You can create that connection by sharing your stories.  And by listening to theirs!

How did you get into pet sitting?  Why do you have a special bond with cats?  Maybe you have an affinity with older age pets who are close to the Rainbow Bridge.

Don’t be afraid to share your personal stories.  It’s a personal business!

That’s what people are going to connect with vs another pet sitters web site.

Include pictures of you out walking and having fun and of you snuggling up with a cat on your lap.

Making that emotional connection with Stage 3 Buyers is what is going to have them wanting you and only you as their pet sitter.

Questions?  Comments?  Share with us your thoughts and stories!

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