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I’d Rather Live With A So-Called ‘Vicious’ Pit Bull Than With Most Of The People I Know

racial-profilingOctober 24 was National Pit Bull Awareness Day, which is a nationwide event to bring positive awareness to the heavily misunderstood breed.

Why do I feel so strongly about speaking up for the Pit?

Maybe it’s because I often feel misunderstood myself.  Or that I love all animals equally.  Or that I’d rather spend time with a furry creature than with most of the people in my life.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m a Leo, as social as they come, and label myself a ‘people person.’  But if our focus remains on proposed legislative bills to specifically ban dogs based exclusively on its breed, I’d like to turn the tables for a minute and shine the light on the human.

Sure, my family, friends and colleagues mean well, but we as humans are cursed with a tremendous amount of negative emotions, traits and qualities that no dog is capable of.

And because of our advanced nature, we are capable of manipulating those around us based on those feelings.

What Humans Are Capable Of

All people experience jealousy, insecurity, blame, drama, and feelings of inadequacy.  Human beings can be superficial, secretive and tasteless.

We hold grudges, lie to each other’s face and can become overly critical to the ones we love.  We plot against, plan around and pretend to listen.

We are selfish, self-centered and self-important.  We talk too much and reveal too little.  We protect our motives and guard our emotions.

We laugh at each other more than we laugh with each other.  We cry alone, behind closed doors, and when no one’s looking.

We keep our guard up when we should let it down.  We push each other away instead of drawing them in.

The Master/Dog Relationship

pit-bullThe human being is a flawed creature.  And it’s the human master that our dogs learn from.

A dog takes it cue directly from the person it’s around.  A dog is not born violent or vicious.  A dog is a product of its surroundings.  Period.

What example are we setting for our dogs?  If the Pit Bull breed has the unfortunate circumstance of being bred for despicable reasons, should we not question the master in charge of creating these circumstances in the first place?

And shouldn’t we spend more time focusing on setting a better example as the dog’s master, opposed to wiping out a specific breed and sending them away?

So put me on a deserted island any day with all the Pit Bulls that some legislation is looking to ban.

I love my family and friends dearly.  It’s just that the drama people are capable of causing greatly outweighs those inherent in the Pit Bull.

Let’s put the responsibility back on the human before victimizing a domestic breed.

Let’s take responsibility as people first and ask from what vicious animal the Pit Bull is actually learning from?

What Now?

It frustrates me to no end when I hear the ignorance of others claiming that all Pit Bulls are all bad.  Or when the closed-minded believe it’s OK to prejudge an entire breed (prejudge = prejudice).

Please share your Pit Bull photos and stories with me so we can continue to honor the strength, loyalty and commitment of a wonderful breed. Leave a comment below or contact me directly through this site.

Thanks to my friend Katherine, of No Worries 4 Pets, who recently shared this YouTube video:

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. I freakin love Pitbulls. I’m tired of the cruel b-stards that both fight them and the a–holes that actually believe they are naturally vicious. Please visit my website,, you’ll be glad you did! 🙂 🙂

    1.  Athena,  Thanks for stopping by and voicing your opinion here about the sweet Pitbull.

      Your site is an incredible voice for the Pit.  I love your posts, your pictures and the videos.

      Let’s keep fighting for the beautiful Pitbulls.

  2. Would anyone look at an 8 week old puppy and claim it to be vicious? No! it’s just darn cute! There’s all the proof you need that it’s the amount (or lack of) nurturing that a dog received as opposed to it’s nature. I have a pit bull x dingo x ridgeback and the’s the scariest looking dog you’ll ever see. Wait for 30 seconds and you’ll then realise that he’s also the dopiest, drooliest bundle of love and energy you’ll ever see!

    1. I love your story and comment, Jade! Thanks for making the great point about an 8-week old pup. Do you have any short video on your phone of Dingo that you can share with us? I’d love to see his beautiful dopey self 😉

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