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PSI and NAPPS Members Are Now Eligible For Health Care

thumbs-upWho can use a healthy dose of good news right about now?

Well, if you’re a member of PSI (Pet Sitters International) or NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) you are now eligible to receive quality and affordable health care.

If your pet sitting business is your main source of income, you may have found health care to be a near impossibility to afford or obtain.

But now, through the cooperation of Worldwide Insurance Services, you can request quotes for:

  • Individual care
  • Family care
  • Group health care (for your team)
  • Disability insurance
  • Dental plans

Basically, the pet sitter organizations have partnered with an insurance broker to help pet sitters find the best care at the best price.

It’s not a new concept, but it’s wonderful these affiliations have chosen to offer it.

This is an ideal situation for any pet sitter who is currently uninsured, or wants additional options for a more affordable plan.

And for those pet sitters with employees, there’s a plan for your group too.

The Process

To quickly and easily request your health insurance quote, you’ll first choose your state. You’ll then be asked to submit a very short form that will help the company provide you with the most appropriate plans for your needs.

You can opt for the lowest benefits (major emergencies or catastrophic) for the lowest fee, the higher plans (hospital in/out patient, low deductibles), or somewhere in between.

My Results

I currently receive health care through a company that has me on their payroll for providing web services (I’m sort of like their tech support, but I get to work from home).

However, I am always in the market for more affordable and appropriate care.

I filled out the form on their site in about 3 minutes and the next day received a quote delivered by email that included a link to my options.

I was given 8 different options from a variety of insurance companies including Blue Cross, Humana and Aetna. The plans ranged in price from $260 to $530.

That is, of course, a ballpark figure, that would no doubt change when you officially apply.

Thank You PSI and NAPPS

I was thrilled when I first heard about our pet sitting organizations taking this step to offer the professional pet sitter an affordable health care option.

It certainly makes our lives easier and legitimizes the pet sitter profession as a whole.

We can now pursue a career in pet sitting and be properly insured while doing it.

To learn more, visit and click on your affiliation’s logo.

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