2 Movies About Dogs That Had Me Sobbing Like A Baby

cute-pupMy wife Alitia absolutely loves our Tivo. She’s also the one in charge of the remote control, for the record.

One of the brilliant ways Alitia saves us money each month is on movie rentals.

Instead of shelling out $5 per rental (or more on a Netflix service fee), she’ll go through the Tivo guide and search our channels for upcoming movies to record.

We then build up a library of movies to watch at our leisure (with no late fees, of course). A common enough practice.

Apparently, we’ve been catching a string of movies about dogs and honestly I don’t know how many more I can take.

They are all so well made that to say they tug on your heartstrings is an understatement.

The first halves of these movies are always cute, adorable and charming. We get to see the positive impact that the pups have on the main character’s lives.

Needless to say, it’s the last half hour that gets me. We know the inevitable is approaching and nobody handles that well.

Even more difficult is watching these movies that are based on actual events.

I sob like a two-year-old baby each and every time the end is nearing. And I’m happy to admit it!

I mean, really, aren’t the pets in our lives the greatest gift ever?!

Here are 2 of the recent true-life movies about dogs I sobbed during:

My Dog Skip (2000)
A young Frankie Muniz discovers how to grow up and become an adult with the help of his dog, Skip, an energetic Jack Russell Terrier.

Marley & Me (2008)
Recently married Owen Wilson tries to delay the inevitable (become a father) by surprising wife Jennifer Aniston with a cute, adorable Yellow Lab named Marley.

What other movies like these could I count on crying like a baby?

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