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Look What Happens When You Think No One Is Watching!

peekingI was chatting on the phone recently with one of my PetSittingOlogy members, Andy Pomaville.

Andy owns and operates Playful Paws Miami and uses my pet sitting website template.

He has opened for business just 3 short months ago and currently serves a handful of clients. Andy loves how everything is going so far, and shared this interesting note to me on the phone.

Just As You Think No One Is Watching…

Andy’s client’s neighbor made it a point to let him (the client) know that she sees the dog walker everyday doing a wonderful job with his dog.

Imagine that!

Andy was just doing what he does best by completely caring for his client’s dog and without him realizing it, was being observed by the neighbor.

The neighbor was so impressed with what she saw, that she took it upon herself to let the client know.

So, while you go about your pet sitting jobs, you may not realize that neighbors have an eye on your comings and goings.

This was certainly the case with Andy, and it paid off very well.

His client will now be a client (and fan) for life. He was told by the neighbor how well of a job his pet sitter is doing with his dog.

Bottom Line: Take pride in everything you do.

Even if you think no one is watching, your good, honest work will pay off.

So, question for today:

Have you ever received an unexpected, surprise compliment for the work you do? Let us know in the comments below.

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Josh Cary is a respected and well sought-after speaker and business consultant within the professional pet care industry. Since 2009, having grown his own pet sitting business, Josh provides his industry with the tools, support, and resources to build and maintain a thriving and respected pet business.

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  1. It has been that way for us since the get never know if a client has cameras in their home either. I have had several nervous pet parents that had nanny cams on in their home to make sure that we would show up and do what we said we would do…to their amazement their pet was treated better than they expected. So we always go in expecting someone to be watching whether it is inside or out. I recently had a client tell me that their apt manager was outside while my son and I were out walking her dog and she was highly impressed at how we treated her pet and that we cleaned up immediately after the pet as well as had control over her dog at all times; especially when he got excited by their golf cart driving by. I am the only pet care business they refer their residents to.

    1. Perfectly said, Dedi: “always go in expecting someone to be watching whether it is inside or out.” Take pride in everything you do is the rule of thumb here.

  2. I totally agree with you, dedi. My rule is to always act as if there is a camera watching, because there just might be! Same goes for watching what I say. These days you never know when you may be on camera or recorded. That way I know I never have to feel embarrassed by anything I did and I just think if you keep that mind set you actually do enjoy your work better, too. Let’s face it, we always like it when we are good at something. It would be easy to let things slip, but then apathy sets in and our work becomes a drudge.

    Saturday my husband and I were at a dog show and visited the booth of a new website that hosts reviews for pet related businesses. We were both wearing our company shirts and were so pleasantly surprised when the woman at the booth looked at our shirts and said “Oh, two people have come into our booth today and wrote really nice reviews for your business!” That was such a wonderful surprise! One was a client of ours, so that was very appreciated. The other person I don’t even know, he is someone who has observed us at the dog park many times with our dogs. This person said that he always enjoyed watching how we interacted with the dogs that we bring to the park and appreciated that we always made sure to clean up after them, made sure they mind their manners and that the dogs seemed very happy with us. Evidently he has seen the lettering on our cars and actually remembered who we were and took the time to write about us! How cool! So it’s true, you just never know.

    1. You should give the client a thank you card and/or starbucks gift card (nothing too big) as a thank you for writing an unsolicited review. I gave a client a $5 one for doing that and you would of thought I gave her the winning lotto ticket…LOL

    2. Wow, Katherine, that’s an amazing and impressive response! Speaks volumes about the work you do, for sure!

      1. Thanks Josh, it was quite a surprise and really nice! Sometimes we get to feeling like all our hard work goes unnoticed because we work in a solitary environment for the most part. I don’t really mind because i know the sweet pets love the care we give them and that’s what really matters to me. Even so, It feels great when the humans affirm that we are appreciated, it’s the cherry on top!

  3. Wow…. This has happened to us as well. Neighbors watch and tell. We are just doing our thing the way we always do. Goes to show, you never know who will be watching and what will be said. We have gotten rave reviews from our secret viewers. jill 😉

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