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Will Your Pet Sitting Clients Understand That You Are Taking Time Off To Attend A Conference For Pet Sitters?

pet sitting angry client
Do your clients get angry if and when you take time off?
So, you’re a hard-working professional pet sitter working 24/7, 365.

You’ve known for quite some time that a break (dare I call it a ‘vacation’?) would be amazing, but it’s far from possible, right?

You want to get away for even a short time, enjoy that much needed break, learn a thing or two, network with other professional pet sitters, and finally meet face to face those who you’ve known online for years.

(Not to mention, relaxing by a pool, soaking up some sun, and sipping on your favorite cocktail…)

But there is just one issue…

Your clients are going to be so mad at you for attending the PetSittingOlogy Live Event and Conference in Vegas, right?

Of course not. In fact, many attendees last year were in your exact shoes and they have actually seen their business GROW.

Are you worried that your clients are going to be mad at you if you come to the conference?

Are you worried that they will replace you with another pet sitter?  Do you feel guilty?  Responsible?

In today’s article, you’ll be handed 5 reasons you should attend, followed by 5 ways you tell your clients leading up to the big event. (This way, they will actually be excited for you to be going – wouldn’t that be amazing?!)

With Josh’s easy and oh-so-affordable payment plan, you have a way to financially attend the conference without stress.

There may be weekend clients affected if you fly out on Sunday, weekday walks are certainly a concern since the actual conference starts on a Monday.

How are you going to tell your clients?   How are they going to react?  They are going to fall apart, be pissed, the animals will miss you!  You’re right, you can’t possibly go.

I’m going to write something that you are not going to like, and you may not believe me, and you may stop reading this – YOUR CLIENTS WILL SURVIVE WITHOUT YOU FOR 3-4 DAYS.  THEY CAN HANDLE IT!

Over the years, many pet sitters just like you have attended different conferences, taken time off, went away on vacation… and the pet sitter returned refreshed, rejuvenated and experienced growth directly related to their time away.

When is the last time you took a day off?  Can’t remember?

Yes, we love our profession, we are trusted by our clients both furry and human, we are responsible and dedicated to them when we get panicked calls and we will rush over, we crawl through doggie doors, shovel pee paths, sleep on their lumpy couch – we go the extra mile for them.

Isn’t it time to go the extra mile for yourself?

5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD GO TO THE CONFERENCE (from your clients perspective)

  • You are ADDING VALUE to your business that your clients will benefit from.
  • Your clients will RESPECT you for it
  • Your clients will realize how awesome you are and APPRECIATE you and what you do for them.
  •  It makes you STAND OUT from your competition
  • Your clients will be IMPRESSED with your initiative


  • Start telling them now.  “I’m so excited to have the opportunity to go to a pet sitting conference in October, 2014.”  Post it on social media, newsletters, emails – however you communicate with your clients.
  • Tell them how they will benefit from you going to the conference (see above list).
  • Mention it frequently “Only 4 more months until the Vegas conference – I can’t wait!”
  • Tell them that you will not be available for the days you are gone BUT DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR IT!  If you have a staff, great; if you don’t – THAT’S OK – they will survive.  You can tell clients NO.  Highlight the days in your calendar now so you don’t take a new client.
  • If your client is trying to make you feel guilty and what-will-they-ever-do-without-you-for-four-days, be honest with them and tell them that you have not had a full day off since 2012, you appreciate their business and their loyalty and you are only going to improve your business so you can be even better than you already are.

    You are going for them, and while you’ll have a great time, meet new friends, have a beverage or two, walk the strip; ultimately, when it comes down to it, we all go so we can be better for our clients.  We really do attend for them.

Will you lose a little bit of business because you are going, possibly.  Will you lose clients because of it – doubtful (and if you do, those aren’t the type of clients you want in the first place).  Will you ultimately GAIN BUSINESS because you attended the conference – Y.E.S!

Take the leap, you and your business deserve it.

Register online today and we look forward to seeing you face to face!

Over To You

What has your personal experience been, in general, with taking time off for yourself?

How have you ‘prepared’ your clients (or your team) for your getaway? Did things go as planned during your absence? Were you better for it upon your return?

And if you have successfully gotten away in the past (on any level), please share with us how you prepared for it, and how you made it happen. We’d love to learn.

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