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10 Qualities of the Perfect Pet Sitter Independent Contractor [Video]

In case you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited in this video below. And the reason is simple…

I just got off the phone with Amy — a potential independent contractor (IC) candidate, and she sounds perfect!

You see, there are at least 10 qualities you need to look for before inviting any pet sitter to join your team, and Amy nailed all of them in our first 20-minute phone call. (I list all 10 under the video.)

Who wants to hear the actual phone call I had today?

By the way, at Alitia’s Animals, we started recording all our phone calls (with permission, of course) and at the end of this video, you’ll learn how you can listen to the complete perfect phone call I had with Amy.

Here are the 10 qualities you need to look for in the ideal pet sitter candidate

Quick Side Note: I was so excited that, as you’ll see, I began to lose track of what number I was up to 🙂 I then also completely missed point #6… I hope you can forgive my numbered mishap!

In the video above, I expand on exactly how Amy displayed each quality.

#1: Pass the initial online application

#2: Be honest

#3: Be intelligent

#4: Be easy to talk to

#5: Be motivated and driven

#6: Open and flexible schedule

#7: Be a natural care taker

#8: Be comfortable around all animals

#9: Be professional

#10: Be genuinely excited by the position and opportunity

Here are the other links referenced in the video

ONE: We ask each pet sitter to first submit an online questionnaire to help us weed out the candidates that may not be the best fit for us.

On this blog, I posted the 12 questions we ask every potential pet sitter along with our ‘best of the best’ answers.

TWO: Want to hear the full recording I had with Amy in its entirety? It’s now part of my Pet Sitter IC Tool box.

The tool box contains close to a dozen tools including forms, documents, contracts, checklists and a manual to help you find, interview and hire your first IC.

These are the exact same tools I use in my pet sitting business and have worked like a charm.

Watch the video as I take you behind the scenes and into the members area now.

Oh, and please leave your questions below so I can answer them for you!

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  1. Hi Joshua, Reading the IC Post. I was hoping you could help with my question.
    If you want to expand your service area and you dont currently have clients in that area how do you hire someone to start working. Most people are looking for immediate work and pay. How would I entice someone to start from scratch working to build a client base?

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