Day 14

A Place To Bark, Tennessee


A PLACE TO BARK is a no kill foster and adoption rescue dedicated to the welfare of animals and was founded by Bernie Berlin. Established in 2001, we mainly work with Animal Control Agencies, rescuing animals from high kill shelters and fostering them until they are healthy.

I run a full-time dog rescue, taking in the dogs that have been abandoned, abused or police confiscated. I foster, retrain, transport & adopt. Cats are also welcome at my rescue. I am drawn to the unwanted, unloved and misunderstood. Hoping to educate and effect change for the animals that do not have a voice of their own.

Editor’s Note:

If you’ve ever had a preconceived idea of what a ‘shelter dog’ looks and acts like, may I suggest you visit A Place To Bark?!

Founder Bernie Berlin looks to have made this her life’s mission and with the smiles on every dog’s face, she seems to be doing a fantastic job.

Amazingly, Bernie makes the 9-hour trek every few weeks from Tennessee to Chicago with about 50 dogs who have been rehabed at her shelter. These dogs will be placed with the Anti Cruelty Society and be up for adoption.

Just watch the YouTube video below and notice how every dog is caught with a big ol’ grin on its face.

If I ever was going to open an animal shelter, this is who I would be learning the ropes from!


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