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WordPress 101: A Step-by-Step Lesson and Demonstration on Managing Your Own Website

Join us this Thursday, November 12, at 2pm eastern, for a great new live webinar discussing WordPress 101 for Pet Professionals: A step-by-step lesson and demonstration on how to best manage your own pet website!

This is perfect for you if:

  • You currently are using WordPress and want to increase your knowledge and confidence to take things a bit further.
  • You are not currently using WordPress and want an inside look of how things work.
  • You want a refresher course on the basics and more inside WordPress.

We’ll explain why it’s become the platform of choice for website creation, and then we’ll introduce the basics of the platform as we share our screen for you. We’ll also demonstrate how to perform tasks that will get you up and running with your new WordPress site. And… we’ll offer a sneak preview of PetSittingOlogy’s new template for pet sitting business websites. It’s optimized for easy editing and SEO, and has a great modern look that your clients will love!

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Some of the things you will learn

  • What is the WordPress admin dashboard?
  • How to log in to your dashboard?
  • What are the tools on the left menu of the dashboard?
  • How may I look at my site (preview) after I make a change?
  • How do I enter text to create a blog post?
  • How do I change the font on a text post?
  • How do I add pictures to a blog post?
  • And much, much more!
  • Plus, YOUR questions answered!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to create, edit, and manage a website. In years past, in order to edit your site, you had work with HTML code, and because this was specialized knowledge, you may have felt limited about the type of edits, changes or customizations you could make to your site. But with the introduction of WordPress, you now have all the power and control you need to make your website look and operate in any manner you can imagine. WordPress is very user-friendly, so even new users can edit and change their websites to suit the needs of their businesses.

Why WordPress?

Aside from the ease of use and control that the platform provides, WordPress is also a perfect option for SEO matters. Why? Because when Google looks through web pages to determine where they may rank for any given keyword, it analyzes the HTML source code of your page, and the code that WordPress produces is clean and easy for Google to understand. in fact, Google has publicly said that it loves and appreciates the platform. That’s why PetSittingOlogy has chosen to develop our optimized templates using the WordPress platform: it’s the best for your needs!

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Thoughts, Questions, Comments?

Feel free to leave a comment for us below! Thanks.

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Josh Cary is a respected and well sought-after speaker and business consultant within the professional pet care industry. Since 2009, having grown his own pet sitting business, Josh provides his industry with the tools, support, and resources to build and maintain a thriving and respected pet business.

With a strong focus on digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and website development, Josh’s one mission is to help you Get Found First through a professional and effective website.

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