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The 8 Components Of A Perfectly Run Pet Sitting Business

well-oiled-machineWe recently updated our “What Is PetSittingOlogy (About Us)” page (check it out, you can listen to an interview and learn more about my background).

The following list of 8 components was originally featured on that ‘About’ page but didn’t fit the bill during our page revamp.

So, it’s now restructured into a full-featured blog post here. Please make it feel welcome.

And, here we go…

Successfully running your own pet sitting business requires a wide variety of skills, to say the least.

You need to be able to plan (for the expected and the unexpected), you need to be able to communicate with your clients and potential clients (and field anything they may throw your way), and you need to be able to produce results (gain new clients, provide pet care, handle finances).

Add in a dash of creativity to the mix and you have yourself a tasty pet sitting business plan.

Pet Sitting Business Plan of Attack

Master the following 8 components and you will find yourself running a pet sitting business more efficiently, more profitably and more happily.

Communication: With Your Clients Knowing exactly what to say and how to say it can be the difference between a thriving pet sitting business with plenty of happy, repeating clients and a pet sitting business struggling for new ones.

Communication: On Your Website Unfortunately, you only have about 30-seconds to grab a visitor’s attention to allow them to dig deeper and learn more about you. Your website must ‘wow’ your visitors immediately. Give them what they want.

Planning: The Legal Stuff First The foundation of your business will rest firmly on what you do right out of the gate. Creating an appropriate, yet remarkable business name, for example, will help set the tone for everything else to follow suit.

Planning: Everything Else Setting up shop without direction can be challenging, to say the least. Making sure you have all your ducks in a row will save you countless hours of trial and error later. Discover the strategies and techniques that work for you.

Productivity: In Your Business Run your business like a well-oiled machine by setting goals. Gain the respect of your peers and clients, alike. Learn how to manage your time, manage your life and manage your business.

Productivity: In Your Personal Life Afford to take time for yourself. Turn off the phone, the television and the computer to recharge your batteries. Your business is only at its best when you are at your best.

Creativity: Your Image Being creative is something that will immediately keep you ahead of your competition. Making sure you are putting your best foot forward in a unique way will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Creativity: Your Mind
At the end of the day, your mind is the engine that runs everything you are a part of. You can enhance your creativity by learning from and being inspired by the ones you surround yourself with. Keep it sharp. Keep it creative.

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Josh Cary is a respected and well sought-after speaker and business consultant within the professional pet care industry. Since 2009, having grown his own pet sitting business, Josh provides his industry with the tools, support, and resources to build and maintain a thriving and respected pet business.

With a strong focus on digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and website development, Josh’s one mission is to help you Get Found First through a professional and effective website.

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