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How To Make Great Looking Videos for Your Pet Business In No Time Flat

make yourself look great on video for pet sitters

It’s absolutely incredible how powerful the phones we carry around with us truly are.

The humorous part is that I bet using your phone as an actual phone is one of the least things you do with it!

Your phone is your lifeline, right?

It gives you one-click access to your to-do list, music, notebook, contacts, pictures, and immediate access to your social networks, and more.

As a pet business owner, you can practically manage your entire business from your phone.

Today’s post is going to show you how easy and valuable it is to shoot video from your phone, and make it work for your business.

The Simple Process to Shooting Your Pet Business Videos

Video Transcript: Read Along

I was very excited to see the response from one of my recent videos that took the turn of “Your videos always look great, how do you do it? show us how you do it.”

And I’m none too happy to share some of the very easy tools, tips and techniques I used to shoot a video just like this.

So let’s get right to it.

Consider Your Lighting, Sound, and Frame

First of all, the most important elements you want to consider when shooting a video is your lighting.

Another good element is your sound. And a final element you want to consider is your surroundings.

Let’s begin with lighting. As you can see, off to the side here there is a side light coming through. Light is very important. One trick or tip you want to keep in mind is you never want the light source be from behind you because what that’s going to do is drown out your face.

The light will come pouring in and your face will be in darkness, so you want the light coming from the side and/or the front.

Now this video I am shooting with my iPhone. That is it. I’m just using the normal microphone. I don’t have any external mic so you want to make sure that your surroundings are quiet enough where the phone will be able to pick your sound up as clear as possible.

Also, you want to make sure that your frame is correct. You want to consider your background so it’s not too distracting and you want to make sure that you’re comfortable with where you are framed, and that it looks good.

So for example, I like this sort of close up frame. I don’t get too close to scare anybody and I certainly don’t want to be further back. I’m getting lost in the video, so you want to feel comfortable and make sure that your frame is good.

Look Directly Into the Camera Lens

Next, you notice that I’m looking right into the camera. Make sure you know exactly where the camera is and talk directly to that. Let me show you what happens if I don’t. Right now I am not looking into the camera, obviously.

I am looking at myself on the screen and what does that look like? As you’re watching, it almost looks like that I’m not talking to you. Make sure you’re aware where your camera is and talk directly in to that.

Shoot with Your Camera Turned on its Side

When you start recording, before you even hit record, you want to set up your camera and flip your phone on its side.

You want to make sure that your phone is on the wide angle, not up and down where you hold it normally like this, you want to flip it on its side so it’s the long way and shoot video that way.

Why? Because when you upload that video to YouTube and its on its side it’s going to fill out the entire space. If you were to shoot video the long way, up and down like this, you’ll get what you may have seen in certain videos on YouTube. You’re going to get that big black bar on the sides of the screen with a very narrow window.

It’s So Easy to Shoot Video: Don’t Get In Your Own Way

Videos are so easy to shoot, so easy to share, so easy to upload that it’s really a no-brainer to start doing for your audience, for your community, for your clients, for everybody in your world.

Think about what’s on your mind. Think about what tips and techniques and advice you can share and stories you can tell. Upload the video to YouTube, grab the embed code, you can easily embed that video on a new blog post and then write some content around what the video is and your audience will absolutely love that.

I guarantee you that your biggest obstacle is probably going to be yourself. I’ve experienced it, everybody I know has experienced it. Meaning, you’re going to be your own worst enemy. You’re going to shoot a video and you’re say ‘I hate the way I look on camera. I hate the way I sound on camera. I hate everything about being on camera!’

I was there! I worked through it and I love doing videos. Over a short amount of time, start to get comfortable with it, practice shooting a video.

The majority of your videos should be on the shorter side. Try to keep them two minutes, three minutes, four minutes, maybe up to five minutes long.

I hope this helps you get comfortable shooting and sharing video.

I look forward to seeing your videos when you have them.

Over To You

What questions, comments, or thoughts do you have when it comes to shooting, editing, and uploading video for your pet business?

Also, feel free to share a link to your videos!

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