A Step By Step Checklist On How To Attend The Pet Sitting Conference As A Sole Proprietor Of Your Business

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Don’t think you can go to the conference? Who will take care of your clients? Your animals? You don’t have a staff that can take over for a few days – it’s all on you. You barely ever get a full day off, let alone 4 days in a row, let alone to actually go somewhere!

Take a deep breath – we’re going to give you a step by step checklist to ensure that not only will your clients be prepared for your absence; they will be excited that you are going!

After all, they are going to benefit from everything you learn to make you and your business EVEN BETTER!

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How to Attract New Clients and Fans Directly to Your Pet Sitting Business

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Do you know the true definition of the word “fan”?

And more amazingly, did you know that a ‘fan’ is an abbreviation of the word ‘fanatic’?

So, when you are a fan of something, it suggests you are a fanatic of that thing.

As you know, the definition of a fan is: an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer. (Thanks, Dictionary.com!)

Thinking about your own pet sitting business and client base, you probably have some true fans of your business, right?

You know those clients that sing your praises, love everything you do and how you do it, and can not live without you.

How wonderful would it be to have even more fanatics of your service?

It’s possible to follow a proven path to increase the chances of gaining many more fans of your business.

And it’s these fans that will keep you in business, keep you sane, and actually help grow your business with you.

This Video Clip Helps Get The Ball Rolling.

At the 2013 PetSittingOlogy Conference, we were lucky enough to have keynote speaker, Maribeth Kuzmeski kick off the event with her presentation, “And The Clients Went Wild! Strategies from the Playbooks of Successful Companies for Winning New Business.”

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Marcus Sheridan – The #1 Speaker and Speaker #1 To Kick Off The 2014 Pet Sitting Conference

Marcus SheridanWhen Marcus Sheridan of the Sales Lion signed on for the 3rd Annual PetSittingOlogy Conference, I was all excited to share the news.

My plan was to do some research online, put together a great blog about his business story, books that he has been involved with, accolades about his accomplishments and how lucky you’ll be if you sign up for the conference with him on board.

Blah, blah, blah – boring!

(He would have been disappointed.)

You can find out all of that information on his Sales Lion web site. The key to listening to Marcus, is that he is so much more than his story. Marcus can tell you about Marcus, I want to tell you why you want to hear him in person!

SIDE NOTE: Registration now open for the 2014 Conference!

If you’ve been to a Petsittingology conference before, you’ve been motivated, empowered and inspired by Marcus.

Once on the brink of business failure due to the down turn of the economy, he turned it around – and he shares his story with his audience. His is not a Woe-Is-Me-I’m-Going-To-Chuck-It-All-Life-Sucks kind of story.

It’s more of a survival story, of making it happen, of not just talking about implementing ideas – of actually DOING THEM.

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