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The Top 3 Methods to Paying Your Pet Sitters [Video]

In this video, Nancy writes asking the following question:

How do you pay your ICs?

Great question, and as you’ll discover inside the video, there are 3 distinct ways you can choose to pay your pet sitters.

It all depends on the number of pet sitters you are paying, how often you are paying them, and a variety of personal preferences.

Since starting our pet sitting business, we’ve gone through each of the methods outlined in the video.

Watch it now:

Here are some links to the resources I mention:

1: Alexia Matak from Payroll Experts

She will discuss and evaluate your current payroll needs with no obligation. Get in touch with her – she is amazing and knows her stuff.

(Call her directly and say ‘Joshua Cary from the pet sitting site’ sent you!)

2: Get hold of the pet sitter timesheet in electronic Word document. pet-sitter-time-sheet.doc

It’s all part of my Pet Sitter IC Tool box. Watch the video, read the reviews now!

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About Joshua Cary

Joshua Cary is an all around good guy. He is a filmmaker, web builder and business owner. He is a pet sitting business trainer, coach and instructor and has a passion for helping pet sitters build a strong business through a strong website. Joshua is also the co-founder of the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence (you should really check that out).

  • Dedi

    Ok Josh…I didn’t see it until you turned your head…and then…cock-a-doodle-doo….LOL

    • Joshua Cary

      I love you (and your honesty) Dedi!

  • Melspetpals

    Great video Josh! (And you really don’t look like a rooster, although the hair was kind of funny!)
    I am so glad you were able to provide some detailed and helpful info. I really needed this.

    • Joshua Cary

      Thanks for the feedback, Mel.

      Happy to know it was valuable info that you needed.

  • Daniellechonody

    I just had to watch it to see what Alitia was talking about! Good video :)

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