If you know anything about Google, you know that they create some pretty cool products.

While I’m a fan of most of what they do, I have never ventured into their “Google Hangouts On Air” feature.

This is where you can (as they put it) “broadcast your conversation to the world” live and in real time.

I Will Broadcast Live – Today!

WHEN: Today, Friday, June 7, 2013

TIME: 2pm EST / 1pm CST / 12noon MNT / 11am PST

Last week, I held a last-minute impromptu phone chat, where many of you called in and we discussed things like your website, WordPress and SEO.

Live Broadcast Below

Clear 30 minutes and join us!

You do NOT need a camera or anything like that.

Just visit this page or my Google Plus and push play to watch it happening LIVE.

Send Me Your Questions – Links Are Here

This will be broadcast here on this very page AND on my Google Plus page (for quicker discussion, I suggest you watch and chat via the chat box on Google Plus).

Please send in your questions so I have an idea of what is on your mind.

I’ve never done this method before and am pretty excited to do it.

Visit my Google Plus page to tune in live. https://plus.google.com/107301582789574245817/posts

This Will Be Auto Recorded

If you can’t watch and attend live (and I really hope you can), Google automatically replaces the live broadcast with the recorded video – pretty cool.

  • Julie Fredrick

    I am interested in hearing more about how those of us with the Version 1 petsittingology website can convert over to Version 2 to take advantage of the improvements.

    • Joshua Cary

      Just email me Julie and we can help make the switch!

  • Jason

    Can we sign up to your version 2 SEO website, not choose the setup fee with additional options at the beginning, but later on add it to the site?

    • Joshua Cary

      Yes indeed. At any time!

      • Jason

        Great! Thank you.

  • Joshua Cary

    Thanks for joining us live, everyone. That was so cool, and the response was positive. Look for more of these going forward!


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