Day 8

Tri-County Animal Rescue, North Carolina


We started Tri-County Animal Rescue in 1998. We take animals to adoption events each weekend. We help our community with stray animals, assist with low cost spay/neuter, provide assistance with pet food for those in need, visit schools to educate children about animal welfare issues, work with Boy/Girl Scouts, partner with the Court Systems Community Service Work program, visit local nursing homes and much more.

Editor’s Note:

It’s difficult not to get choked up and emotional when you read through the Tri-County Animal Rescue pages. The wonderful organization has taken in (and rehabilitated) plenty of animals in dire need, from a dog left behind when its owners decided to move to a sweet Pit Bull named Gypsy used as bait in a dog fighting ring then left on the side of the road left to die.

For the record, Gypsy has since been honored by the Southeastern Pit Bull Association and named their Dog of the Year!

With their “Pet of the Week” area of their website, you are sure to be able to bring home the new love of your life. This video says it all…

PS – For the price of one night out on the town, you can donate a dog bed to the shelter directly through Kuranda Dog Beds!

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