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[Audio Interview] Pet Sitting Business Owner Reveals Method of Hiring ICs

pampered-petI recently had the opportunity to chat with Pampered Pet Care of Atlanta company owner Sarah Paulk on the subject of independent contractors.

Sarah’s pet sitting business was voted “Best Pet Sitting Company” in 2009 by Atlanta Magazine and with a roster of 13 independent contractors on board, the company must be doing most things right.

In this open and honest interview, Sarah walks us through the step-by-step process of finding, interviewing and hiring the perfect IC for your team.

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Is Your Pet Sitter IC Sharing Your Secrets With Competitors?

keep-secretThere’s been a lot of talk lately of hiring pet sitters as independent contractors.

And it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of hiring pet sitters to help your business grow.

Bringing on the right person can make you more money by helping to expand your services and your service area.

I received this question through the Ask Joshua page:


Dear Joshua,

How can I make sure the information I share with my IC is not used against me or shared with anyone else?  I don’t want my competition to know all my secrets, or the exact way I do things.


-Cindy Espers
Tampa, Florida.

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