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Become The Life Saving Pet Sitter for Pregnant Women

baby hands photoWe received a call recently through Alitia’s Animals (my pet sitting business) from a pregnant woman who, in a couple months, will be giving birth.

She has a sweet, loving, Pekingese dog who will soon be the big brother to the family’s new baby.

This pet owner got in touch with us because she needs pet care in place (quite possibly at a moment’s notice) while in labor at the hospital.

We have gone on the meet-n-greet, worked out all the details, got a set of keys, signed the documents and even received a $50 deposit that will be applied to service when she is rushed to the hospital.

Now, we wait for a brief text, email or phone call alerting us that our pet sitting job will immediately begin.

Nobody has to rush around later trying to coordinate proper pet care – it’s all already handled and she is in our system.

This is very responsible thinking on the part of the family.

Think about how much sense this makes:

A pregnant woman with a pet will be in the hospital for a given number of days and wants to assure that her dog is properly cared for during this time. Even upon returning home, she may be in no shape (or have a desire) to walk the dog.

Plus, when she returns to work, who do you think will continue to be her regular go-to pet care provider?

How can you actively attract pregnant pet owners to be their on-call, ready to go at a moment’s notice, pet sitter?

Some pregnant pet owners may not be focusing on how their furry family member will be tended to when she is giving birth — but you can be focused on that.

Side Note: I’ve also written about the idea of marketing to the elderly in a similar way.

What Are Your Thoughts?

So, have you ever been hired to care for the pets of a woman who is giving birth?

How can you market your pet sitting business services in this way?

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