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Where do YOU stand among other pet sitters around you?

You know that phrase that says “you can’t please everyone?”

Well, I’m starting to believe that no matter what price you charge, some pet owners will still think it’s too much.

Get this…

We had a call recently from a woman that began like most others.

After spending 20 minutes on the phone it was time to discuss prices based on the needed service (daily dog walking). We quoted our fee for service and this was her reply:

“Wha?? I just spoke with someone who can do it for $12. Thanks very much. [click]”

And that was it. She had hung up.

My Big Question

We all know that friends, family, kids next door, or even some other pet sitters, can charge a rate like $12.

Fine. That’s not a problem, if that is what she is comfortable with or looking for.

The only question through my mind was ‘then why didn’t you book them? Why are you still shopping around? How much cheaper of a price are you looking for?

Think about it. Apparently, this woman spoke to someone who could do it for $12 but still decided to shop around.

Why? Was she looking to find an even cheaper rate? Or was there something about the $12 offer she didn’t quite feel comfortable with?

Pet owners on one hand may want a cheaper rate, but those same pet owners also want the trust and credibility. Can they go hand-in-hand? Typically not.

Over To You

How have you run into the idea that ‘you can’t please everyone’ with potential clients? Do you find it difficult to make everyone happy?


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