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You know when you see a product online and your first thought is, “How can this not already exist??”

Well, that’s what went through my head when my good friend, and pet sitting colleague, Tori Lattig of Endless Pawsibilities introduced me to Lisa Flynn, inventor of the Harness Lead.

As you’ll see, the Harness Lead is a 3-in-1 harness lead, slip lead, and collar lead, that can truly transform the way you walk dogs for a living.

In this 36-minute chat with Harness Lead creator, you’ll discover:

-How Lisa came up with the idea after walking a rescue Pit.

-How overwhelming the response has been.

-How you can use Harness Lead as an additional source of income.

-How you can use Harness Lead to win more business over your competition.

-How using Harness Lead can transform the dogs you walk (even those huge 90-pound pullers).

Side Note: This tele-seminar is part of our Sponsor-a-Pet-Sitter campaign, and one lucky pet sitter will win a trip to our Las Vegas pet sitting conference on Oct. 7 and 8, 2013.

Enter for your chance to win by posting on the PetSittingOlogy Facebook page by Sept. 6, 2013!

Over to You

Tell us in the comments below: What lead do you currently use to walk client dogs? Do you have any experience (positive or negative) with other leads?

  • Victoria Antonyuk

    Harness leads are great, can’t recommend them enough.


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