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You already know that running a business takes a great deal of focus, passion and determination.  And you know that it takes plenty of knowledge, insight and common sense.

Sometimes, even for the best of us, those qualities get tested.

The point?

(Keep reading and you can listen in on an actual recorded call from one of these companies!)

Have you yet received a call from Google (or someone claiming to be from Google) asking you to claim or confirm your Google Business Listing details?

I got one of these calls recently and have the entire chat recorded so you can finally see what is the motivation behind the call.

Chances are you have either gotten that call already or had a message left for you on the matter.

This company does everything possible to allude to their connection with Google.

The conversation begins seemingly innocent: “We are calling to verify your Google listing.”

While I know a thing or two when it comes to Google and SEO, the phrase Google listing sounds a bit vague.

I quickly assume they are referring to a potential listing in the Google local (maps) business section.

For the record if you run a business that serves a local community (like we all do as pet business owners) you should in fact add your details to Google Business.

So, I received a call recently and captured the conversation for your review.

Here is the brief set up:

When I answered the call, a recorded voice greeted me asking for the business owner to get on the line. I hit the necessary number to be connected to an agent, and this is the exact unaltered dialogue we had.

Note that I was deliberately being as vague as possible and offering as little information as possible in an attempt to see what knowledge that had on me and what they were already working with.

Press Play and Listen In Here:


Here’s the thing… I understand what this company is trying to achieve. But their fee for service is highly out of line. You can (and should) complete your Google Business Listing. Even with the Google and SEO knowledge I have, it was still vague and unclear exactly what the offer was.

Have you received one of these calls to your pet sitting business?  Let us know in the comments below.


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