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Dear Josh and Team at PetSittingOlogy.

If I was there in NJ I would give all of you a big HUG right now. You are all amazing and I am a really happy customer.

I found PetSittingOlogy by chance, can’t really remember how I found your website, but am glad I did. Anyway, I looked in to your website services and was intrigued. I have been wanting to get away from using an HTML website and relying on a web-designer. I was thrilled to find you offer WordPress based, supported web design and hosting.

From the very start you’ve all been great. I must have called Josh 3 or 4 times with questions and he (patiently) walked me through everything. I was terrified to make this leap in to WordPress, and you all have made it a happy experience.

You have done a wonderful job with all the instructions and tutorials. It is so nice to be able to make changes to my site…and do it all myself! It is so nice to have excellent instructions. Those tutorials are making learning to navigate WordPress a little easier.

You and your team have an excellent Help system in place, and have gone above and beyond with customer service. Even when I “broke” my site. (Still can’t figure out how that happened.) I appreciate all the prompt responses to questions, and solutions…which in most cases include instructions for me to fix the problem myself. I love that!

I love my website. It is still a work in progress, of course, but you gave me exactly what I was looking for…A nice looking site, help putting it all together, control, and great SEO. I can make changes when I want to, and fix spelling errors if I find them (which are a pet peeve of mine), collect reviews and blog post. Woo Hoo!

I am sure you will be hearing from me again soon. I’ve always got questions.

Thanks so much for all that you and your Team do. You provide an invaluable service to the pet sitting industry, and you should be very proud of the work you do.

Best regards and big woofs!