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I have known Josh through PetSittingOlogy for some time now and love what he has to share with us the pet sitter. When he decided to do this I just thought about it, since I was deep in another person doing my website along with a few thousand dollars invested – I didn’t want to waste the money.

Well I got tired of reaching out and getting nowhere and when I did it was not the way I wanted it.

Enter Josh, and his wonderful site, he merged my graphics into his site a WOW what a difference!
I’m up near 60 years old, so for me doing things on a website is not easy like it is for some of the younger generation but Josh took that complication away.

He has put much thought into what the layout is along with making it easy for us to go in and change this and that by having tutorials, videos, face book group and even phone calls. If all of that fails then all you do is fill out a help ticket and they will help. So when you think all is lost – it’s not . I have thought that many times and have been wrong. I wish I would have jumped in a llong time ago. LESSON LEARNED.  What Josh has to offer is priceless — PEACE OF MIND!