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You are the BEST, and I LOVE my PetSittingOlogy website!!

A bit slower for January this year in gross revenue, but I’ve had 8 new biz M&G appointments so far this month and now have 8 brand new clients to add to my mix. Bow Wow Meow!

My gross revenue surpassed $30k for 2014, and I think that’s pretty darn MEOW-velous since I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary and did not launch my website until Feb. of 2013!

Everyone says how much they LOVE my website over those of my competition. And one commented that she was so impressed that my website showed that it had.been updated recently, so she viewed me as being more professionally active in my business than the other pet sitting companies!! I did go in to tweak a few sentences to reflect change of seasons, but I LOVE adding new client reviews & testimonials to add content to my site on a consistent basis!!

Thanks so much for all you do to help me grow my business and stay on track!