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Thank you for accessing the Guide and for viewing the additional videos.

Here are the 3 videos in our series that compliment the Guide. If you need to reference the Guide, you can download it now. Enjoy the videos!

Video One: Contact Form

Video Two: Social Proof

Video Three: Call to Action


Topic: Contact Form

Video Time: 04:44

In this video, Josh Cary shows you why having a prominently placed contact form on your website pages will greatly improve the number of potential client submissions you receive.


Topic: Social Proof

Video Time: 07:02

In this video, Josh Cary defines social proof and gives several examples of how to implement them into your pet business, and talks through why this works so well.


Topic: Call to Action

Video Time: 05:44

In this video, Josh Cary outlines the importance of a proper call to action. You will discover how to use and why it works well to get your phone ringing.

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